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Canoeing to Save the Oceans

Going green — By Stephanie on August 4, 2010 at 6:59 am
2010 04 07 Margo Canoeing to Save the Oceans

Margo Pellegrino is out to raise awareness about ocean health

She’s at it again!  43-year old New Jersey mom, Margo Pellegrino, is canoeing the entire length of an American coastline to help save the oceans.

Specifically, Pellegrino is hoping to raise awareness of plastic that is building in our earth’s waters, particularly in the ocean’s gyres.  Massive amounts of discarded plastic and slime are carried along ocean currents and creating continent-sized floating landfills like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  She’s also concerned about water quality, impacted by runoff from landscaping maintenance and logging activities.

Previously, Pellegrino has paddled the East Coast and the Gulf Coast.  Her new adventure — Seattle to San Diego — is dangerous at times and definitely a labor of love.  In a 21-foot outrigger canoe, Pellegrino started the approximately 1250-mile trip on July 3.  Traveling at speeds of  5 miles per hour, she is now 1/2 way down the Oregon Coast (as of the date of this posting).

 Canoeing to Save the Oceans

Heading out on another coastal journey to help save the oceans

In her own words from her website, Margo Pellegrino states why she is canoeing to save the oceans:

This coastal paddling journey is my way to call attention to the need for healthy oceans.   An effective public education campaign is critical for advancing strong ocean policy.  We need to ensure that healthy oceans policy is buoyed from what legislators hear from their constituents.  As a project of the Blue Frontier Campaign, what I am planning to accomplish is speaking out for the oceans.

You can find Pellegrino’s exact location along the West Coast, donate to support the cause, and much more, at

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  1. Tara says:

    Good for her! It’s creative ideas like this that help bring awareness to needed causes. :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    I agree! I am in awe of her dedication!

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