8 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

Going green — By Stephanie on August 12, 2010 at 6:18 am

save energy bulb lg 8 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

Energy is money! (image from the dailygreen.com)

No matter what shade of “green” you may consider yourself to be (perhaps not even a hint of the hue), we all want to have more spending cash.  Its simple when you consider these 8 easy ways to save energy and money!

I have a friend who thinks that its silly to try to reduce our energy usage.  Well, personally, I think its silly that she enjoys spending extra money on her monthly utility bill.

With little effort at all, you can send less cash to your utility companies each year and watch as the savings add up over time.

Save Energy Save Money 8 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

Budget Tip: Electricity costs money!

1.  Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.  Regular light bulbs are not only inefficient, they waste energy as heat.  This could add to your cooling costs over time, as well.  LEDs are cool to the touch and last for years.

2.  Turn off lights at night and when you leave for the day.  Its so simple, yet many people still forget!

3.  Shut down and unplug computers when not in use.  Include televisions, cell phone chargers, coffee makers, etc.  Estimates are that you’ll save $100 a year just by this simple action!  Don’t forget your office computer and lights, as well.

4.  Wash clothes in cold water.  You don’t pay extra to heat water when today’s machines and detergents get clothes just as clean in cold.

5.  Walk or ride your bicycle for short trips.  Such an obvious tip, no explanation needed!

6.  Turn down the thermostat during the day and overnight (or turn it up during summer months if you have A/C).  You don’t need the house at a comfortable temperature if no one is home.

7.  Clean your air filters and ducts, as well as the coils behind your refrigerator.  Your furnace and fridge won’t have to work as hard.

8.  Modify your clothing choices to keep you warm or cold.  Step away from the dial and try a sweater instead!

How do you save energy and money in your household?  Be sure to share your living green tips below!

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