Getting a Charge Out of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars — By Stephanie on August 9, 2010 at 6:58 am
medium electric%20car%20charger Getting a Charge Out of Electric Vehicles

Oregon Governor Ted Kuongoski Recharges an EV

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is getting a charge out of electric vehicles!  Last week, Kulongoski helped promote a new charging station that is designed to look like a gasoline pump in Portland, Oregon.

Is that what its going to take to convert drivers to electric cars?

Designed by Japanese electronics maker NEC, the new EV charging station looks like a vending machine with a rubber hose attached.  When attached to an electric vehicle, it looks much like a traditional fueling station.  However, the new battery charging station at the headquarters of electric utility Portland General Electric (PGE) is 100% green and emissions-free.

The new charging device quickly re-charges an electric vehicle battery in only 1/2 hour.  Federal stimulus funds will provide monies to allow for the construction of additional devices along the Interstate-5 (I-5) corridor.

Now that we’re getting the EV charging stations in place, Oregon’s almost ready for the release of new electric cars this year!

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