Ford Motor Company Plans for Higher Gas Prices with Global Small Car C-Platform

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2011NAIASFordCMax14 e1294788511700 Ford Motor Company Plans for Higher Gas Prices with Global Small Car C Platform

A range of small cars offered by Ford on its C-Platform can help with higher gas prices

Here in the U.S., consumers were already facing higher gas prices before unrest in the Middle East broke out several weeks ago.  Economists predict the cost of a gallon of fuel to increase at least $1 a gallon over current prices at the pump in 2011.  By mid-2012, we may be experiencing prices over $5/gallon.

Fortunately, Ford Motor Company has been anticipating the gas crunch for years, developing its global small car strategy and offering affordable hybrid and 100% electric cars for consumers.  Ford’s CEO, Alan Mulally spoke at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January and explained that Ford’s global small car, built on its C platform, will come in 10 different body styles and will sell roughly two million vehicles a year worldwide.

Consider this information:

Because the 10 different hybrid and electric vehicles will be built on the same C-platform, they can all be manufactured at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan assembly plant.  Obviously, this helps reduce costs for the company, as well as cutting environmental costs, which means lower prices for consumers.

Mulally noted that the scale of Ford’s worldwide small car production should allow the company to offer “the most affordable” lineup of alternatives to conventional gasoline internal combustion engines.  With higher gas prices on the way, its great to hear that this auto manufacturer is prepared to offer affordable alternatives.

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