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Donate Land: Protect Wildlife Habitat


Did you know that you can help donate land to protect wildlife habitat?  That’s right.  Instead of worrying about news reports that tell you that habitat is diminishing at a rate to threaten endangered species, why not look to what you can do? According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 85% of [...]

Save the Panda Bears

Panda bears are critically endangered species

Should we save the Panda bears?  Even though the numbers of  Giant Pandas have declined to the point they are considered critically endangered, some have suggested that it is not worth the efforts to continue trying to revive the species. BBC naturalist, Chris Packham made this shocking statement to Radio Times Magazine: “Here’s a species [...]

Endangered Species Success Stories in 2011

Florida panther and cub

On May 20 last week, Endangered Species Day marked a number of success stories in 2011.  On the third Friday of every May, Endangered Species Day in the United States gives us the opportunity to celebrate endangered species success stories, while learning what more can be done to help animals at risk. The Endangered Species [...]

Disneynature to Protect Over 50,000 Acres in Amboseli Wildlife Corridor Through Sales of African Cats Movie Tickets

Lion Cub (permission granted by Disneynature)

This week, Disneynature announced that its “See ‘African Cats,’ Save the Savanna” campaign, launched on Earth Day 2011 with the release of its new nature documentary, “African Cats,” has raised enough money to protect more than 50,000 acres of land in Kenya’s Amboseli Wildlife Corridor. Moviegoers who saw Disneynature’s motion picture “African Cats” during its [...]

10 Things to Consider Before You Bring Home a Live Easter Bunny

Caring for a live Easter bunny is a big commitment

Easter is less than a week away, and even if you don’t celebrate the Christian holiday, many people consider bringing home bunnies for pets.  Something about their cute, wriggly noses and adorable hops make them nearly irresistible in Spring-time. But, contrary to popular belief, rabbits may not be a good “starter” pet.  Bunnies require significant [...]

Enter the Disneynature African Cats Movie Giveaway Contest

Majestic lions (image authorized by Disneynature)

An epic true story set against the backdrop of one of the wildest places on Earth, “African Cats” captures the real-life love, humor and determination of the majestic kings of the Savanna. Narrated by Oscar®-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson, the story features Mara, an endearing lion cub who strives to grow up with her mother’s [...]

Look Ma, It’s A Bionic Robot Bird


Smartbird not a toy. It is the latest in a series of bionic robots based on nature’s engineering. Festo’s Bionic Learning Network has been creating technology based on how animals do things for years, in an effort to push the frontiers of engineering and technology towards sustainability and they are doing it very well.

Earth Day Means A DisneyNature Film Release

African Cats is the latest DisneyNature film to be released on Earth Day

My 8-year old son just came into our kitchen to tell me about the latest Earth Day DisneyNature film release: African Cats.  Its our annual tradition to see these amazing wildlife movies on Earth Day each year (April 22).  Since we particularly love cats, our family is especially excited to see African Cats this year. [...]

17 Dead Baby Dolphins in The Gulf of Mexico

17  Dead Baby Dolphins in The Gulf of Mexico

The mass deaths of birds, fish, crabs and bats may have receded from the news, but they are still going on. It’s calving season in the Gulf of Mexico where dolphins come every year to give birth.  This year so far, according to The Sun-Herald , 17  dead baby dolphins, either stillborn or dead soon [...]

Letters to Lions: National Geographic Project for Kids


While researching some wildlife projects to do with my cub scout den here in Oregon, I came across a wonderful National Geographic project for kids.   “Letters to Lions” encourages children to write a letter explaining how important lions are, including some personal drawings of the magnificent cats.  Filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, Dereck and Beverly [...]

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

Matschies Tree Kangaroo

The adorable Tree Kangaroo (the Matschie species is shown to the left) is threatened worldwide due to loss of habitat.  Found primarily in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, logging, mining and development are stripping the forests of their trees and with them, the homes of the Tree Kangaroo. Efforts to save the Tree [...]

Adorable Videos of Endangered Baby Animals


While the holiday season has kept us busy and engaged, we took some time to find adorable videos of endangered baby animals.  These innocent lives remind us of the importance of preserving planet Earth and working to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking wildlife habitat. Watch this video of a baby Silverback Gorilla with his [...]

African Cats: Disneynature’s New Movie Coming Earth Day 2011


Have you seen the Disneynature film, “Earth“?  What about “Oceans,” released this past April?  If so, you’ll be as excited as I am about Disneynature’s new movie, coming on Earth Day – April 22, 2011. “African Cats” will be the third thrilling nature documentary from Disneynature.  Disneynature was launched in 2008 as the first new [...]

Cheetahs Trying to Survive in the Wild


In the Serengeti, cheetah cubs are born into a life of uncertainty. Competition for food can be costly, and ninety-five percent of cheetah cubs will die before they reach independence. Many of these dotted creatures will suffer an untimely death at the paws of a hunting lion simply because the iconic big cat has an instinct [...]

HawkWatch International: Watching Ecosystem Health Like a Hawk


Throughout the western half of the United States, biologists are watching ecosystem health like a hawk.  Gathering data from birds of prey (golden eagles, ospreys, kestrels, peregrine falcons and red-tailed hawks – among others), HawkWatch International is keeping tabs on migration and nesting patterns of the hawks. Permits have been granted to 131 biologists and [...]