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Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans


If you are not aware of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans, you are not alone.  The program was established three years ago to allow financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs via long-term property tax assessments. With no money down, property owners can install solar panels, wind energy and more, paying off their [...]

Solar Panels on Fenway Park

Fenway Park has gone solar

While Major League baseball has just come to an end for the 2011 season, fans of the sport know that, in a few short months, spring training will begin again.  Eco-minded fans may worry about the giant carbon footprint of baseball stadiums that require massive amounts of energy to operate 6-7 months each year.  Consider [...]

Solar Power Meets Art with the Flower Solar Street Lamp

The Flower Solar Street Lamp

We’ve posted a number of articles on solar street lamps and other solar powered lighting fixtures.  And solar art is becoming more popular with engineers making renewable energy beautiful, as well as functional. Meet the Flower Solar Street Lamp by Luis MRPS, the latest offering in the field where solar power meets art. Designed by [...]

How Net Metering Rewards Owners of Solar Panels

Net Metering Rewards People Who own Solar Panels

Have you heard about net metering?  Generally speaking, its the practice  – allowed by some utilities – of “turning back” your power meter when you generate more renewable electricity than you can use at the time. Let’s say you have solar panels on your home.  When you feed extra solar electricity into the grid, your [...]

Solar Panels Exempt from Sales Tax in Arizona

Save on solar panels in Arizona - tax-exempt!

Let’s face it.  Solar power is an investment, and the upfront costs can be daunting for some homeowners.  That’s why many renewable energy tax breaks and rebate programs are so attractive. In addition to incentives that have been offered the last few years, did you know that solar panels are exempt from sales tax in [...]

All-Weather Renewable Energy System

Can you imagine an all-weather renewable energy system?

Most of us are for renewable energy that doesn’t cost much, does not pollute the planet, and doesn’t incite wars to protect oil interests.  Yet, many resources are not consistent or constant, which limits their effectiveness. Solar power requires UV light, wind power needs to have breezy conditions.  But what if there was an all-weather [...]

Install a Solar Roof This Summer

Solar roof tiles blend right into your home's profile

Home improvement project time!  With longer days and more favorable weather, now is probably the best time to install a solar roof this summer. Prices for home solar panels have come down dramatically over the past few years, and you can still score a pretty nice tax incentive and some rebates if you purchase a [...]

Solar Power a Growing Industry in the United States

Solar Power Growth Continues in the U.S.

During a recent press teleconference hosted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) information and statistics were revealed to show that solar power is a growing industry in the United States.  In fact, it is the fastest growing industry in the nation. This is good news all around.  More solar power demand means more solar [...]

Wave Energy Project Off the Oregon Coast

Wave energy to harness the power of the tides

Do you live near the Ocean?  Have you considered the power of the waves…. just waiting for us to tap into the clean, renewable energy! Although I live about 300 miles from the West Coast of Oregon, we love to visit the ocean several times a year.  The roar of the waves outside the window [...]

Solar Panels Power State Prisons in Colorado

Solar panels installed at the Ironwood Correctional Facility

With states across the U.S. looking for ways to balance budgets and save money, the Colorado prison system could just be the model for cutting operational costs for the expensive institutions. To date, nine state prisons in Colorado have installed photovoltaic (PV) solar panel arrays to generate solar electricity.  Reducing reliance on grid-based power is [...]

Look Ma, It’s A Bionic Robot Bird


Smartbird not a toy. It is the latest in a series of bionic robots based on nature’s engineering. Festo’s Bionic Learning Network has been creating technology based on how animals do things for years, in an effort to push the frontiers of engineering and technology towards sustainability and they are doing it very well.

Rising Gas Prices Encourage Use of Alternative Energy

AP Oil at 120

A few years ago, we published an article regarding the impact of rising gas prices on the use of alternative energy.  The blip was short-lived at the time, but now, with resources becoming more scarce and chaos in the Middle East rising, more people are thinking about ways to save at the pump. Prices for [...]

Install Residential Solar Panels with No Money Down


Just the other day, I received a flyer in the mailbox about installing residential solar panels with no money down. Sure, it might sound like a scam on first blush, but more and more companies are offering solar panel leases that allow you to do just that.  Without having to invest in the equipment, or [...]

Is Algae the Future of Biofuels?

Algae as biofuel

Rising gas prices – said to soon hit $4/gallon here in the U.S. – have people talking again about biofuels and biodiesel.  The idea of growing our own gas is generally thought to be a good alternative, until people start worrying about the impact of taking corn, soybeans and other crops that would otherwise be [...]

Solar Powered Water Kiosk in Kenya

HabiHut Solar Powered Water Kiosk

Three new solar powered water kiosks have recently been installed in Kenya by HabiHut, LLC.  Not only do the units provide clean drinking water for the region, solar panels generate electricity for the off-grid area for cell phone charging and street light illumination. HabiHut worked with Umande Trust, a Kenyan based NGO, to install the [...]