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Setting a Green UP Example this Fall

Green kids all season long!

It’s no secret to parents that our children are watching our each and every move.  Tie that to the fact that their minds are running at a constant speed of 100 miles an hour, and more often or not (whether we like it or not), they’re going to ask us “why?”  “Why are you doing [...]

Green Lunchboxes: Back to School and Year-Round Savings

Green lunchboxes reduce plastic baggie waste

Its back to school time!  Many parents are shelling out big bucks at the store to get their kids ready for the new year – buying pencils, papers and lunchboxes. If you are like me, you probably worry about the cost and environmental impact of multiple plastic sandwich baggies that usually get tossed after a [...]

Green Tree Houses for Kids


Looking for a way to get the kids outside?  Green tree houses are the way to go! Not only is it fun to play outdoors, climb trees and breathe fresh air, but these eco-friendly structures we found at this website by Barbara Butler are simply amazing!  Green tree houses for kids can be custom-made.  There [...]

Have a Green Fourth of July Celebration

How to Green your Fourth of July Celebrations

Happy July 4th!  If you live in the United States, its Independence Day, and you’ll have the day off for relaxing, barbecuing and enjoying a fireworks show.  If you’re looking for tips on how to have a green Fourth of July celebration, you’re in the right place! We’ve already posted an article with green summer [...]

Greening Up those Kids all Summer Long!

Great ideas for greening your kids throughout the summer

By Jocelyn Anne It’s just about a given that summer is pretty much the best time of the year ever, especially if you’re a kid, but summer is also your chance, (mom & dad!) to not only have a blast with your kids but to take advantage of all that time to show them a [...]

5 Green Travel Tips for Low Impact Vacations

Bicycle for low impact travel

With summer here, many people are ready to get out of town for some vacation travel!  If you are looking for ways to lighten your carbon footprint while you explore new locations, consider these 5 green travel tips for low impact vacations: 1.  Plan a walking or bicycling tour.  Taking the slow, scenic route is [...]

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers: Convenience to Save the Planet

Biodegradable disposable diapers keep babies, parents and the Earth happy

Although its been years since my children were in diapers, I do recall the big disposable vs. cloth diaper debate.  Especially when I had my twins, considertions of convenience weighed heavily against the environmental impact of throwing away thousands of diapers throughout their baby years. Now, there are some pretty great biodegradable disposable diapers!  I [...]

How Safe is Your Sunscreen?

How safe is your sunscreen?

Ever wondered what all those labels mean on the bottles of sun protection lotion?  Do you know just how safe your sunscreen is? The sun protection factor (SPF) of any sunscreen is supposed to give you an idea of just how long it is advisable to stay outdoors before the potential of a sunburn arises.  [...]

Cool Schools in Oregon: State Funds for Renewable Energy Upgrades

Cool Schools to help fund renewable energy upgrades of schools in Oregon

Here in Oregon, school is out for the summer in most cities, but school districts could soon have some “green” homework of their own! Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is pushing an initiative called “Cool Schools,” which would help fund renewable energy upgrades and retrofitting of older school buildings.  Not only will that save cash-strapped districts [...]

South African Musical Educates Kids About Rhinoceros Poaching


How do you teach children about endangered animals and the horrors of poaching? Its certainly a difficult topic, but one about which kids should learn. In South Africa, a new musical educates kids about rhinoceros poaching and why its harmful to these endangered animals.  The musical play, entitled “African Adventure,” tells the story of a [...]

Cool Reusable Bags for Moms

The mini Deano Scout by Bungalow reusable tote bag

Its almost Mother’s Day!  If you are short on gift ideas, why not go with a cool reusable bag for mom? Tipped off by a reader, we found “Scout by Bungalow,” a line of durable and adorable totes, lunch bags, storage tools and more.  Unlike your reusable canvas bags, these cool reusable bags can be [...]

Lessons From The Lorax


Even though my children are no longer babies, we still enjoy reading books together.  One of my favorite authors, the creator of timeless, entertaining books is Dr. Seuss. Who knew that Dr. Seuss at the leading edge of the environmental movement when he wrote The Lorax in 1971?  In fact, within several years of its [...]

10 Things to Consider Before You Bring Home a Live Easter Bunny

Caring for a live Easter bunny is a big commitment

Easter is less than a week away, and even if you don’t celebrate the Christian holiday, many people consider bringing home bunnies for pets.  Something about their cute, wriggly noses and adorable hops make them nearly irresistible in Spring-time. But, contrary to popular belief, rabbits may not be a good “starter” pet.  Bunnies require significant [...]

Green Carpet Cleaning

young couple on green carpet

Last month, I finally called the carpet cleaners to help me get our floor coverings back to normal after owning an elderly pet with … issues. Since we moved into our home nearly 5 years ago, we’ve never had a commercial carpet cleaning service go over all of our carpets.  We have a pretty good [...]

Yoga for Kids


We all know that exercise helps children stay healthy.  In fact, pediatricians recommend 60 minutes of physical activity each day for growing kids.  While my kids are active in sports, there are days that we just cannot get outside due to inclement weather or harried schedules. That’s why I was so excited yesterday when we [...]