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Have a Green Fourth of July Celebration

How to Green your Fourth of July Celebrations

Happy July 4th!  If you live in the United States, its Independence Day, and you’ll have the day off for relaxing, barbecuing and enjoying a fireworks show.  If you’re looking for tips on how to have a green Fourth of July celebration, you’re in the right place! We’ve already posted an article with green summer [...]

Greening Up those Kids all Summer Long!

Great ideas for greening your kids throughout the summer

By Jocelyn Anne It’s just about a given that summer is pretty much the best time of the year ever, especially if you’re a kid, but summer is also your chance, (mom & dad!) to not only have a blast with your kids but to take advantage of all that time to show them a [...]

5 Green Travel Tips for Low Impact Vacations

Bicycle for low impact travel

With summer here, many people are ready to get out of town for some vacation travel!  If you are looking for ways to lighten your carbon footprint while you explore new locations, consider these 5 green travel tips for low impact vacations: 1.  Plan a walking or bicycling tour.  Taking the slow, scenic route is [...]

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers: Convenience to Save the Planet

Biodegradable disposable diapers keep babies, parents and the Earth happy

Although its been years since my children were in diapers, I do recall the big disposable vs. cloth diaper debate.  Especially when I had my twins, considertions of convenience weighed heavily against the environmental impact of throwing away thousands of diapers throughout their baby years. Now, there are some pretty great biodegradable disposable diapers!  I [...]

How Safe is Your Sunscreen?

How safe is your sunscreen?

Ever wondered what all those labels mean on the bottles of sun protection lotion?  Do you know just how safe your sunscreen is? The sun protection factor (SPF) of any sunscreen is supposed to give you an idea of just how long it is advisable to stay outdoors before the potential of a sunburn arises.  [...]

Green Summer Entertaining

Green summer entertaining is a breeze

With Father’s Day, graduations, Fourth of July and many more opportunities for gathering in the backyard for a meal, its time to consider green summer entertaining. That’s right – you can minimize the environmental impact of a summer party with these green party tips. 1.  Switch from briquettes and lighter fluid to a gas grill [...]

All-Weather Renewable Energy System

Can you imagine an all-weather renewable energy system?

Most of us are for renewable energy that doesn’t cost much, does not pollute the planet, and doesn’t incite wars to protect oil interests.  Yet, many resources are not consistent or constant, which limits their effectiveness. Solar power requires UV light, wind power needs to have breezy conditions.  But what if there was an all-weather [...]

Cool Schools in Oregon: State Funds for Renewable Energy Upgrades

Cool Schools to help fund renewable energy upgrades of schools in Oregon

Here in Oregon, school is out for the summer in most cities, but school districts could soon have some “green” homework of their own! Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is pushing an initiative called “Cool Schools,” which would help fund renewable energy upgrades and retrofitting of older school buildings.  Not only will that save cash-strapped districts [...]

Clamshell Packaging the Latest Casualty of the Recession

Time to say good bye to clamshell packaging?

Raise your hand if you hate clamshell packaging. Don’t know what that is, then think back to the impossibly rigid plastic packaging that is used for everything from headphones to light bulbs, and from kitchen gadgets to toy cars and trucks. Remember when even your scissors couldn’t get through the plastic?  Remember when you sliced [...]

No Smoking in New York City Parks


I love recreating outdoors!  I’m an avid runner, I bicycle and hike with my kids, and enjoy city parks with my family throughout the summer months.  But if there is one thing that ruins an experience for me, its passing people that are smoking cigarettes.  After all – here you are outside in the fresh [...]

Shade Grown Coffee is For the Birds!

Baltimore Oriole birds benefit from shade grown coffee practices

There’s nothing like a hot, steaming cup of coffee to brighten your day! While many consumers are selecting organic and fair trade coffee for their morning brew, shade-grown coffee certified as bird friendly should also be considered. That’s right…. “bird friendly” coffee is grown in the shade in Latin America, under the cover of the [...]

Green Sports Alliance Fosters Eco-Friendly Professional Sports

Green sports arenas include Safeco Field in Seattle

With baseball season in full swing (forgive the pun), fans are out enjoying summer evenings and perhaps even a beer or two. But they’re probably not considering the carbon footprint of attending the games.  From lighting the stadium to cooking the hot dogs, it takes a lot of energy for a single Major League ball [...]

New Fuel Economy Labels for Vehicles in the United States

New Fuel Economy Labels help consumers make wise decisions in purchasing vehicles

Last month, President Obama announced the biggest overhaul in fuel economy labels – those stickers you see on new vehicles for sale – in 35 years.  The labels are intended to protect the public against rising gas prices by providing comparable ratings concerning not only city and highway mileage, but also projected fuel costs and [...]

Electric Powered Boats: Clean and Quiet


With summer nearly here, its time to think about recreational boating. Its great fun to buzz along a lake or river, but the noise and pollutants emitted from outboard motors can ruin the experience for others in the area, as well as impact local habitat. Electric powered boats are both clean and quiet, however.  Instead [...]

Bag It! Movie Encourages Plastic Bag Ban in Oregon

Bag It! Movie encourages reusable shopping bags

For Oregonians, single use plastic bags – like those commonly used at grocery stores and other retail outlets – may soon be banned in the state.  That means bringing your own reusable canvas shopping bag, or paying a small fee for a paper bag. The measure is being considered by the Legislature in Salem, Oregon.  [...]