Can X ray films be recycled?

Can X ray films be recycled? X-rays can be recycled – they are processed to extract silver. If you have a small quantity of x-rays, simply place them in an envelope and post to the address below. If you have large volumes (over 20kg), you can arrange for collecting by phone.

How do you get rid of X ray films? The best way to dispose of old X-ray films is to recycle them. A number of companies nationwide melt X-rays to extract and recycle the silver. You’ll find them by searching the Internet for X-ray film recycling. Just make sure to use a company that is HIPAA-compliant.

Are old x-rays worth money? If you have 10 pounds of x-ray film to recycle, the one Troy Ounce of silver that it contains is worth about $15.00 at current trading prices. If you have 100 pounds of x-ray film, it will contain about 10 troy ounces of silver, which is worth about $150.00 at current trading prices.

Can you shred X-ray film? We often get asked “can you shred x-rays?” and the answer is a simple “Yes! Absolutely.” Medical records, including x-rays contain sensitive information that can’t get into the wrong hands. Most importantly, X-ray film contain material that is somewhat toxic so they need to be destroyed with care.