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Are you getting green fatigue?  You are not alone. When was the last time you read a newspaper, surfed the net or  turned on the television and heard good news about the environment?  Even if you try to “go green,” you may feel guilty that you’re not doing enough if you read all the negative reports about climate change, use of pesticides, and what you may put on the dinner table. 

We’re here to tell you that amazing things are happening right where you live and all over the world, which make the earth a kinder, cleaner place. It’s time to put aside the doom and gloom and think positively about the people places and things that are making the world Peachy Green.


  1. Awesome blog and your environmental focus is fabulous! Bravo and keep up the good work!
    Thank you,

  2. jay says:

    nice blog i really liked it. Keep it up

  3. Anto says:

    I really like your blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Here’s kudos at you 3 ladies for being actively involved and writing about important environmental issues. Thanks!

  5. Chris Rowe says:

    To Amy, Stephanie, and Roberta,

    If you all lived in Los Angeles, we would be having coffee together to discuss solar energy (Amy likes caffeine). Thank you to all of you for this site – which was picked up in my GOOGLE ALERTS – for “Measure B”.
    Get a cup of coffee – this is going to be a long post.

    Physically I look a little more like Roberta – and may be closer in age to her. I have been married for 31 years to a physical anthropologist. He has been teaching for about 40 years about Rachel Carson, and the affects of man on the earth. His book “Stein and Rowe’s Physical Anthropology” discusses global warming – and the latest edition was out before Al Gore made this topic well known planet wide.

    The first year that we married we bought acreage on the cost of Oregon just north of Lincoln City. Alas, for many reasons we had to sell that 7.5 acres, but my dream was to retire there in a sustainable manner.

    One of my high school friends built a house almost 20 years ago outside of Rockford, Illinois. It was pretty high tech at the time – the way the house faced – it was passive solar which we don’t emphasize enough. In the cold northern Illinois weather, the house was designed so that hot water was pumped through a system that warmed the ceramic tile floors on the lower floor – this was one way to warm the house. A large atrium was built with a fireplace and circulating fans. Again, the rock in the fire place, the type of the tile used, etc, were all designed to passively collect and store the heat. And the fireplace was there for back up.

    So my dream house would be a passive solar designed home – using the state of the art technology – a smart house. You need to use the correct amount of insulation, energy smart appliances, and conserve. I would want thin film technology which is changing rapidly.

    While raising two sons – now 24 and 27, I was always the room mom, the den leader, the Scoutmaster, the Venture Scout leader. And while raising those kids, and supporting all of the other kids in my various groups, I got my BS in Health Education. I went on to take a graduate level course in Environmental Health, (I was in the MPH porgram). I decided to go on for a MS degree in Environmental Health – that was not in the cards. I have had a recent under grad class in Environmental Science, and I use the professor as a resource for all of my environmental work.

    In 2007, I became involved in the “Draft Al Gore” for President 2008 movement. I blogged on algore.org – you can see me as “ECOMOM2008″ there and elsewhere. I also blog as HealthAdvocate and Advocate4Health.

    In around the year 2000, I volunteered at an “ECO CONVENTION” at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And at that time, I asked Christine Todd Whitman who was the head of the EPA at the time, why all buildings that had any federal funding did not require solar or some other alternative energy. And she said that she wished that I was in Washington. Unfortunately, she later sold the environmentalists out.

    Now that my kids are not under the roof,(one is getting his PHD in Biochemistry and is a paid blogger for WIRED.com), I have become a member of our local “Neighborhood Council”.

    In Los Angeles, under the City Charter (this is for you Stephanie), there are about 87 “Neighborhood Councils” that advise the City Council. Who the “No on Measure B” people are – many of us are the Neighborhood Council people that represent the whole City of Los Angeles. According to our City Charter, the City Council if they are going to vote upon something as important as a ballot measure, they must notify the Neighborhood Councils 120 days in advance. They are supposed to trigger an Early Warning System – and they did not. That was a violation of the City Charter.

    Also as a part of a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the LADWP, the LADWP MOU committee which includes members of the Neighborhood Council was also supposed to be alerted to this ballot measure – they were not. That is a violation of the LADWP MOU.

    In fact, the LADWP Commission – which includes appointments by our Mayor – they were not advised that this “Charter Amendment” was going on the ballot.

    The President of the LADWP Commission – Nick Patsaouras – quit his position as the President of the LADWP Commission because of how this deal was handled. He is now running for City Controller.

    The City Controller – Laura Chick – says that the PA Consulting Report shows the cost of the 400 MW system at $3- $4 billion – twice as much as the Huron Report paid for by the LADWP says.

    This measure has taken three months out of our already busy lives. The “Yes on Measure B” people sued the “Solar 8″ – and they lost. The “No on Measure B” people only had to change about 4 words according to the Judge’s ruling.

    When I am not running around the City doing presentations on “No on Measure B”, I am a member of my Neighborhood Council. We have a number of toxic sites in the area, and I find myself at meetings with the California State Department of Toxic Substances Control, the EPA, the DOE, NASA, and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. I have filed FOIAs for previous site uses to detemine what radionuclides and other top secret research were used at a specific site. So I am also commenting on Zoning issues, EIRS, EISs, etc. So for you, think of my site – the Santa Susana Field Lab, as a smaller version of Hanford.

    So please understand – we all want solar. I have attended the presentations by the LADWP on their comprehensive Renewables program. I know where the “green path” will go – to the Salton Sea and Utah for geothermal, to the Tehachapi and other wind farms, and to the desert to bring in solar from a future 500 MW project. That project will probably be a Sterling type facility that has the ability to move using computers to best capture the sun. That facility will be able to store energy generated by solar.

    The Los Angeles Times and the Daily News say – No on “Charter Amendment B” – “Measure B”.


  6. dane yoeman says:

    I’d like to know whats a good (=green) personal score/rating for my carbon footprint compared to the average footprint for average person living in 1) USA 2) Australia 3)Taiwan?
    OR better would you recommend a website please to find this info.?

  7. dan says:

    hi! found you on twitter – great looking blog/site!

    if you can please ck out our site – http://www.theclimatecommunity.com I am always looking for people who are working on this topic…

    would appreciate your thoughts



  8. doug green says:

    hello I am wanting know if you school has a (title 4) program if so please contect me at 919-394 2996

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  10. Stephanie says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Checked out thenewecologist.com and I’m happy to add you to our blog roll. You can shoot me a message when you’v done the same. Cheers, Stephanie

  11. Chiara says:

    My name is Chiara, I am 12 years old and I live in Dubai. For my school, the Dubai International Academy I have to write a report about tree kangaroo’s and I can’t find enough good info about them.
    I wanted to ask if you could please send me some info about their habitat, how many there are approximately left in the world, what your organization does to help them and any other interesting facts.

  12. flo says:

    seriously a superb blog …… it makes me feel happy that there are atleast some people who hav concern about our environment ……. :D

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