Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship after Fire

Wildlife — By Stephanie on July 30, 2009 at 6:55 am
5 Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship after Fire

Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship After Fire (Credit Lisa Mathiasen/ Animal Rescue Team)

A wildfire in Santa Barbara, California last month helped forge some unlikely bonds.  Rescued from the Jesusita Fire, a 3-week old bobcat kitten and 3 day old fawn became fast friends.  The animal rescue in California brought predator and prey together.  But these babies simply took comfort in each other’s company, snuggling under a desk at a dispatch office for hours.

The bobcat and fawn would not normally be placed together, due to regulations, but the rescuers had no choice.  They snagged the bobcat kitten first, finding it dehydrated and near death.  Later, they brought in the fawn and discovered they didn’t have a crate large enough for it.  No matter – the kitten ran right over to the fawn, and the two became fast friends.

6 Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship after Fire

Bobcat and Fawn - fast friends! (Credit Lisa Mathiasen/ Animal Rescue Team)

Thanks to the tireless dedication of volunteer efforts of the Animal Rescue Team, and the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, these two animals, and many others were rescued from the destructive Jesusita fire.

As noted in an Animal Planet blog post:

“All of these Santa Barbara area animal rescue organizations have put out a national plea for donations because of the overwhelming need for animal food, medicines, and space to house displaced animals. ART currently leases a 1.5-acre plot of land that houses rescued animals in enclosures on the property, which require around-the-clock care, and the organization is desperate to purchase the land. The morning after Di Sieno – along with an insanely cute bobcat cub and fawn photo – appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show – the landowner decided he needed to sell it and she’s concerned for the future of the animals she and her fellow workers just rescued. The WCN also seeks funds for their Oiled and Injured Seabird Rehab Center, and receive no City, State or federal funding. One of their volunteers, Nancy Callahan, runs W.I.L.D.E. Services which focuses on raccoons and opossums, had her home and facility burnt to the ground and must start over from scratch. After rehabilitation, the groups reintroduce rescued animals to the wild.”

Fire season is just starting, and with drought conditions in Southern California, there could be more wildfires in the coming months.  If you’d like to make a donation to help the animal rescue organizations, follow the links above to the non-profits’ websites.  Bobcat and fawn thank you!

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  1. Sara says:

    That’s the cutest thing ever… even cuter than that tortoise and bahy noncancerous photo a few years ago :)

  2. Sherry says:

    “How precious this is to see something so unusual, and so graceful.”

  3. joe says:


  4. Jenny says:

    The pictures are adorable! The story is like something out of a Disney movie. (Maybe a sequel to The Fox and the Hound?)

  5. love says: T.he A.nimals

  6. TJ Crowe says:

    Now that it is several months after the event are they still friends in a controlled shelter? Or are have they been returned to predator and prey status?

  7. Brian says:

    The fact that some people claim that animals are here simply for us to eat, and that they can’t feel emotionally is obviously wrong after one witnesses something like this.

  8. Randy says:

    Looks Like a Preview of Heaven . “and the lamb shall sleep with the lion ” Here on earth though the fawn will be in trouble in a year or less !

  9. Lyn says:

    That is so awesome. How cute they look. I wonder if they’ll grow up together?

  10. Madison says:

    Awwwww that is so cute ♥

  11. John says:

    I’m wondering if this friendship will through off the Bobcat’s future diet.

  12. Helene says:

    OMG that’s so adorable I can’t stand it!!

  13. Charlie says:

    Bobcat: Mmmm… I’m saving this one for later.

  14. ER says:

    Bobcats normally eat much smaller prey than deer. They prefer rabbits, rodents, birds… that kind of thing. Bobcats only get to about 20-30 pounds. Many are simply the size of very large housecats. I suspect the cat was hypothermic from the dehydration. An adult bobcat might take down a fawn. If this bobcat imprinted a little on the fawn, I suspect his or her diet will not have venison on the menu, but all of the other, smaller, things available in the chaparral.

  15. Miab says:

    This is so cute, it broke my brain. My brain is broken with the sheer cuteness.

  16. Dieter says:

    Never have heard, that deer became food for a house cat. Still the picture is cute. But a deer is not a mouse or rat!? Why are we so obsessed with food and who eats what all the time?

  17. Pants says:

    No way! This is the most adorable situation ever, wtf!

  18. meow says:

    that is the ugliest f-ing fawn I’ve ever seen. its got a uni.

  19. If They Can Do It, Why Oh Why Cant We Humans?! Blessed Be The Creature Teachers.. Beautiful, Thank You For You & Sharing : )

  20. franc says:

    It’s going to be like a scene out of a disney movie if the two ever meet after they’ve been released back into the wild.

  21. Sheree Murphy says:

    Wish Everyone could come together as they have, may this is a teachable lesson!

  22. This picture leaves me speechless. Thank you so much for posting it. I wonder what will happen to them as they grow older.

  23. That’s the kind of stuff we need to see on the news more..Melted my wee heart. Dugg + Twit’d + Facebook’d!

  24. LeRoy says:

    This reminds me of the animated film “The Fox and The Hound”, 1981. They did have to part ways later in life but they remembered each other when they met as hunter/hunted. I was age 9 at the time and it was the first film I remember bringing tears to my eyes. Baby animals are friggin’ cute to begin with but this is tops.

  25. Douche says:

    In the second picture they are just one bob cat away from a tasty deer sandwitch

  26. mili says:

    first to make a twilight quote gets fed to the baby bobcat.

    and the one about heaven doesnt count. not twilight necissarily.

    and yes it is very very cute. i’m just glad that these two found themselves safe from all this.

  27. susie420 says:

    It’s Biblical :) The lion lies down with the lamb!!! WOO HOO too cute.

    Join MPP or Norml & help legalize marijane.

  28. cici says:

    amazing that tiny creatures can come together, and we human beings, cannot…

  29. Cindy Goodwin says:

    Beautiful – there are many stories in history where two unlikely species bond as youngsters and then remain protective and recognize each other throughout their lives.

  30. Lesley says:

    How beautiful.

  31. Melynda says:

    It is the beautiful thing to see. A reminder of what of heaven is like. God bless!

  32. Cook66 says:

    My uncle once had one of these after it followed him home from a hunt. (talk about stupid prey? :P )

    He called it Rudolf (after the raindeer). It was a great little guy, once dipped his nose into a bucket of paint and got a red nose. It grew up on a farm with a cat and two dogs, but when it got older it got aggressive and attacked people constantly and after several failed attempts at trying to release it into the wild it came back, invaded peoples houses and caused a lot of mess. Eventually my uncle had to put him down. :(

  33. Rhett says:

    Cute, animals are all cute while they are young. But they are still animals and they get bold when they are not scared of people. We never had problems with coyotes back on the farm, it was the dogs that packed up and are not afraid of people that we would have to chase off.

    Cute pic though.
    Rhett out

  34. Lillian says:

    So beautiful. We’re all the same; we’re all connected.

  35. Amy says:

    These two were rescued in the Jesusita fire by a wonderful organization – Animal Rescue Team in Santa Barbara. This group expended a lot of their resources in that effort and is in real need of donations. Please visit their website and help them continue their work.

  36. Stephanie says:

    Amy, thank you for reminding our readers to please donate to your organization to help continue rescuing animals like the bobcat and fawn. Thank you for all you do!


  37. Amy says:

    My mistake, the organization is http://www.animalrescueteam.NET!

  38. Amy says:

    It’s not actually my organization, as is evident by my mistake with the URL. I just saw this picture and had to find out its origins. A little investigation and I found Julie, the executive director and from what I can tell, the main force behind this effort. Fawn and bobcat are apparently doing well and are back with their own kind waiting to be old enough to be reintroduced back into the wild. :)

  39. Stephanie says:

    Thank you again, Amy! I have links to the organizations in the post itself. But this is really great to remind people again that these are volunteer organizations that need donations!


  40. omnivore says:

    If we are all the same, all connected…and if we are to be more like the animals…then why can’t we eat animals too? We are told we are animals, so….if “other” animals can eat each other, why can’t we eat “other” animals? I wish people would make up their minds.

  41. Jody says:

    Where can I find updates? I need to know what is happening with these two now..Thanks, Jody

  42. bruce smirnoff says:

    I only wish I could adopt them.

  43. katty may says:

    that is adorable!

  44. katty may says:

    i hope they will be friends throught life

  45. jd says:

    What’s the update on these two?

  46. Katie Zeal says:

    This makes up for all the infantile Republican behaviors of last night’s speech. Thank God for the animal kingdom! Teamwork prevails, regardless of species or opinion! We could learn something.

  47. adam says:

    “If we are all the same, all connected…and if we are to be more like the animals…then why can’t we eat animals too? We are told we are animals, so….if “other” animals can eat each other, why can’t we eat “other” animals? I wish people would make up their minds.”

    Just because we are animals does not mean we have to behave like other animals with lesser cognitive development… we can make moral choices etc.

  48. please keep notes and updates on the sight about the fawn and bobcat OR let me know as I am very interested in what might happen if they were always allowed to live together. See I think animals communicate aand KNOW when someone has shown kindness.

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