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Cute animals are the basis for our most popular posts

Some of our most poplar posts here at Peachy Green have to do with cute animals.  Because this is an environmentally-focused blog, we love to bring you stories of success and inspiration from the wild.  From a bobcat and fawn friendship, to a whale of a rescue tale, the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze!

No other subject can motivate people to care for Planet Earth like our four-legged, finned, or feathered friends.  After all, we do share the resources with other inhabitants of the globe, and have a responsibility to be careful custodians for all of the animal kingdom… not just ourselves.

Recently, we found a few clips that truly cannot help but make you smile. In our opinion, these are the best inspiring animal videos out there!

Did you see this one about the dog and elephant that became fast, if unlikely, friends?  At an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, Tara the elephant and Bella the dog have been inseparable.  When Bella fell ill, Tara did nothing but stand sentry to wait for her friend to get better:

In a similar vein, a German Shepard has become buddies with a Tiger in the UK.  Oh, and her cubs think he’s pretty grrrrrrrreat, too:

This next animal video is one of my absolute favorites.  Perhaps you heard the story about Christian, the lion that was raised by two men, then released into the wild?

After many months, John and Ace went to go find their friend, worried about whether he would remember them, and what the reunion would be like.  Simply stated, it was joyous – and amazing:

After raging wildfires in Australia in February this year, this adorable Koala stole the world’s heart after taking a drink from a firefighter.  The Koala rescue topped the list for best inspiring animal videos in 2009:

Sadly, the koala died in August, just 6 months after his amazing rescue.  But the story will continue to touch our hearts as an incredible intersection of wildlife and caretaking humans, after a tragedy that bound them together.

Do you have Faith?  Well, maybe not literally, because Faith is the amazing dog that walks on her two hind legs because she is missing the front ones because of an accident that occurred when she was a nursing pup.

Faith is a one-of-a-kind… no other canine is like her:

There are many inspriring animal videos that can either bring some joy to your life, or spur you to take better care of our planet.  Perhaps both!

Do you have a favorite clip to share?  Did we miss one?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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