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Solar Energy Grid Integration System

Solar Energy Grid Integration System

Have you heard about the solar energy grid integration system (SEGIS) program? If not, you’re in good company. You shouldn’t be in the dark when it comes to important solar energy initiatives, though. The solar energy grid integration system program was established through the U.S. Department of Energy, and is part of its Solar America [...]

Barefoot Solar Engineers

Late last year, 30 women ventured out from their rural village homes in Bhutan for the first time. The purpose for their journey was admirable; to bring solar power back to their villages, most of which are a 5 hour walk to the nearest road. They traveled to India’s Barefoot College where they learned to [...]

Animals Forced to Produce Batteries

Sshhh! Don’t tell PETA! In the following video you will witness turtles producing batteries through the magic of solar power and animation. Those clever and inventive folks over at Voltaic want to be sure their customers know that they don’t take themselves too seriously. In their new commercial designed to show off Voltaic solar backpacks, [...]

Solar Powered Schools

Solar Powered Schools

National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast a story recently describing one school district that had voted to cut busing services for its students. Children as young as kindergartners could be expected to walk up to 1 1/4 miles to and from school because buses will no longer pick them up in their neighborhoods due to the [...]

Solar Powered City

While the rest of the world has been guzzling oil at top speed, the residents of Frieburg, Germany, have been seeking out and building on alternative energy ideas, particularly solar power. It all started in the mid 1970′s when the city was threatened with a plan to build a nuclear power plant in their midst. [...]

California Vineyard 100% Solar Powered

California Vineyard 100% Solar Powered

Shafer Vineyards in Napa County, California is among the first vineyards in the area to use solar power exclusively to run all winery operations. They are utilizing a GE photovoltaic power system that blends in with the breathtaking natural beauty of Shafer’s 200 acres. Generating power through solar panels and solar shingles in strategic locations [...]

Solar Projects on Hold in Bend Oregon

Recently, the Bend Bulletin newspaper reported that two major solar power projects in Central Oregon are “on hold.” Both the Redmond Airport and the downtown Bend parking garage have been planned to include solar panels in design and construction. However, recent questions from Pacific Power, the local electric company, has asked for clarification of applicable [...]

GM is Going Green in North America

America’s largest auto maker is going green bigtime these days. Amid rumors of bankruptcy and sagging stock prices earlier this year, GM made a bold move, announcing the installation of a solar roof on its factory in Zaragoza, Spain. Early in August, GM decided to bring its going green philosophy home to the USA by [...]

Obama Visits Northwest Solar Company

A solar panel company based in beautiful Bend, Oregon, PV Powered is leading the charge (so to speak) for solar power technology in the United States. It is the only American based grid-tied solar inverter manufacturer. As stated on its website: “Our vision is to spur the widespread adoption of solar power by ensuring that [...]

Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Get in the Swim with a Solar Powered Skimmer! Now that you have read about the solar powered hybrid lawnmower that cuts your grass while you lounge in the shade, why not extend your relaxation time and order one of these sleek gadgets called the Solar Powered Skimmer to clean your swimming pool as well? [...]

Solar Powered Automower

Husqvarna, the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment, has developed the world’s first automatic hybrid lawn mower. A lazy man’s dream come true, the solar powered automower has sleek solar panels and battery back-up. Now you can sit back in your lawn chair with a cold drink and let this little black machine zoom [...]

Lease Your Rooftop for Solar Energy

For at least a decade, real estate owners have been leasing the prime space on top of their buildings to utilities. One of the most popular uses for the vast, unused space is to lease roof area to telecommunications companies for installation of antennas, batteries and other equipment for cellular communications. The same can now [...]

Residential Solar Power

Are you wondering how exactly solar power can work for your home? Utilizing solar power is not as complex as you may think. The following video illustrates exactly how eco-friendly solar power can work in your home to cut energy costs. This shows a grid-tie system; that is, a home where the solar panels are [...]

Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

Probably one of the most misunderstood features of solar panels is whether they function on cloudy or rainy days. The short and simple answer is a surprising YES! Plastic solar cells have been developed to be able to create electricity from solar energy no matter the weather outside. Of course, the biggest bang for the [...]

Solar Power is in the Bag

I know you have been thinking about how badly you need a mobile solar power generator to take along on your travels across the African Savannah or through the Australian Outback, or maybe just for an average day out and about with your kids. If only I could plug myself in to such a generator… [...]