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GM Takes Solar Power Efforts International

GM likes to build big. They have already built the two largest roof top solar power installations in the US, covering 2 California warehouses. Now they are going to cover 2,000,000 square feet of rooftop with 85,000 solar panels on their plant in Zaragoza, Spain. This installation will be the world’s largest roof top solar [...]

Driving on Sunshine

Go for a ride with a grandfather from Olympia, Washington, as he discusses the conversion he made to change his 1975 VW Bug from gas-powered to electric car. Because he has installed solar panels on his home, the vehicle is effectively solar powered. As he pointedly asks, Why aren’t we all driving on sunlight?

Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

Probably one of the most misunderstood features of solar panels is whether they function on cloudy or rainy days. The short and simple answer is a surprising YES! Plastic solar cells have been developed to be able to create electricity from solar energy no matter the weather outside. Of course, the biggest bang for the [...]

Imagine A World of Solar Rooftops

Imagine a world of solar rooftops—where solar panels or lightweight, solar shingles provide each home with its own, self-contained source of electricity. Imagine not having an oil, gas or electric bill because even on cloudy days your roof would effortlessly harness and store the rays of the sun to provide you with all the energy [...]

Introduction to Solar Power Shingles

You may have heard of solar power shingles, maybe you’ve even seen photos, but do you really understand what they do when installed on your home or business? Placed on rooftops as any other type of roof shingle, solar roof shingles are photovoltaic (“PV”) devices which transform solar power (in the form of light and [...]