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Home Energy Monitors Save Energy and Money

Home Energy Monitor (image from tristanf on Flickr)

You probably already know that cutting your electricity bills is as simple as adjusting your thermostat, washing laundry in cold water and unplugging devices when you leave for the day.  But just how much are you saving?  Could you save more? With a home energy monitor, you can save energy and money by visually tracking [...]

Green Travel Dining: Picnic to Enjoy Local Food and Save Money


Going on vacation?  Traveling for business? What better way to take in the sights, enjoy local fare and save some money (and the environment) than a picnic? Eating outdoors gives you the opportunity to explore parks, breathe in fresh air and take in the sights of the city that you might miss if you sit [...]

8 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money


No matter what shade of “green” you may consider yourself to be (perhaps not even a hint of the hue), we all want to have more spending cash.  Its simple when you consider these 8 easy ways to save energy and money! I have a friend who thinks that its silly to try to reduce [...]