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About BP and the Oilspill


The oilspill in the Gulf is the all consuming news story in America these days. Week after week as we watch helplessly, things just seem to get worse and worse. At first it seemed like a high school science fair project gone wrong. Lately, with all the oil soaked birds and desperate people, it’s feeling [...]

Want to Generate Renewable Energy? Go Fly a Kite!


Clean, renewable energy flows around the world each and every day, just begging to be harnessed.  When it comes to wind energy, turbines, sails and even kites are all options to help us break our addiction to foreign oil. Seriously?  Kites? Could an idea based on a child’s toy be the answer to pressing energy [...]

Storing Renewable Energy as Natural Gas


One of the most difficult issues with renewable energy is storing it for future use.  After all, what good is solar power when the sun is not shining?  How can we use wind energy when breezes are still? A German-Austrian co-operation believes there is a logical answer: transforming surplus electricity generated during sunny or windy [...]

American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference in Dallas


They’re gathering in Dallas,Texas this week for the annual American Wind Energy Association conference.  The AWEA should be … and apparently is…. taking full advantage of shifting winds of sentiment regarding renewable energy in light of the ongoing tragedy of the BP Oil Spill right in its own Gulf of Mexico backdoor. At the AWEA [...]

On the Radar: Wind Power and National Security


When it comes to renewable energy, there are a number of considerations beyond the obvious ones (cost, appearance, CO2 emissions saved, etc.)  This may not have been on your radar, but wind power and National Security have had an uneasy co-existence… until now. The U.S. Defense Department has recently announced that the Pentagon is stepping [...]

Greenpeace Calls for an About Face at Facebook

Greenpeace Calls for an About Face at Facebook

Over the past week, news about the new Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon has caused ripples across the entire country.  Greenpeace challenged the social networking site to make plans to employ more renewable energy at the new location.  It even used Facebook to advance the campaign, setting up a new group on the site [...]

Coal Ash Containment and the EPA

Ever since a coal ash containment pond  broke in December of 2008, spewing coal ash into a nearby river and over 300 acres of farm and woodland,the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) has been rethinking its coal ash policy. The event, which took place in one of the facilities run by the TVA was possibly [...]

Sundowning Oregon’s Only Coal Plant 20 Years Early

Exciting news in the renewable energy field.  Oregon’s largest utility, Portland General Electric announced this week that it is shutting down the state’s only coal plant 20 years ahead of schedule.  By 2020, the lights will officially go off at the PGE Boardman, Oregon plant. The original plan for the coal plant was to invest [...]

Postive Energy at Elithis Tower

Postive Energy at Elithis Tower

The  first positive energy office structure was unveiled this week in Dijon France, to the amazement and delight of renewable energy lovers worldwide. A 54,000 square foot structure, Elithis Tower produces more energy than it consumes and is touted as the most environmentally sound building ever created. The design team sought to eliminate waste of every [...]

Green Home for Wounded Vet In New Jersey

Green Home for Wounded Vet In New Jersey

Last week  New Jersey Governor, Jon Corzine, toured a very special construction site in the town of Hillsboro in central New Jersey.  He came to inspect an energy efficient, accessible home being built by Homes for Our Troops, in partnership with New Jersey’s Climate Choice Program, for Marine Corporal Visnu Gonzalez, a wounded Iraq war [...]

Clean Energy is Blowing in the Wind

Clean Energy is Blowing in the Wind

Clean energy is blowing in the wind in the Pacific Northwest!  That’s right, this month, the Bonneville Power Association reported that it reached a renewable energy milestone with respect to its utility customers in Washington and Oregon.  On August 6, peak wind power was achieved for an hour when more than 2,000 megawatts (MW) were [...]

Can You Generate Electricity with Your Workout?

Students at the University of Oregon are working hard (literally) to find out the answer to a pressing question in today’s energy climate: can you generate electricity with your workout?  What would you do to keep the lights on at your home, while cutting utility costs? The University of Oregon Student Recreation Center has been [...]

Will Obama Approve Off-Shore Oil Drilling?

Obama campaigned on “Change we can Believe in,” yet recent news reports indicate that he is considering allowing off-shore oil drilling as part of his energy policies.  Is this just more of the same, or is it truly something different? Let’s take a closer look. President Obama is primarily focused on renewable energy.  He campaigned [...]

Home Wind Generators

Looking for a cheap renewable energy option to provide free electricity to your home?  How about a home wind generator?  There are many models that can fit your circumstances, budget and more.  You can stay hooked up to the grid, or you can go or remain off-grid, if you live in a rural area.  Wind [...]

Coal Attempts Cool

Like the tobacco companies in the 90′s, the coal industry is trying to look cool and cute. They are literally attempting to put a fun face on their unhealthy, environmentally dangerous product. This picture was part of a full page add that ran in the Washington Post on January 13. It is meant to be [...]