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Mixx Moves to the Top 600 Websites

Popular social networking site, Mixx moved to the top 600 websites yesterday, per the Alexa.com ratings.  Over the past 8 months, we’ve been tracking the meteoric success of Mixx.com here at Peachy Green.  Together, we’ve celebrated the 1-year anniversary and 1000 Alexa ranking, and then the continued move from 900 to 800 to 700…. now [...]

Monumental Mixx Milestone

Monumental Mixx Milestone

Just weeks after Mixx celebrated its first anniversary and an Alexa ranking of 1000, they’ve done it again! Mixx has broken the Alexa rank of 900 with a new rank of 892, and seems to be quickly on its way to the top 500 websites! What was in that cake, anyway? The Mixx Blog post [...]