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5 Green Travel Tips for Low Impact Vacations

Bicycle for low impact travel

With summer here, many people are ready to get out of town for some vacation travel!  If you are looking for ways to lighten your carbon footprint while you explore new locations, consider these 5 green travel tips for low impact vacations: 1.  Plan a walking or bicycling tour.  Taking the slow, scenic route is [...]

Green Travel Products For Your Next Vacation

Travel Green with these eco-friendly products

Its hard to believe, but Spring Break is just a little over 6 weeks away!  If you have upcoming travel plans, you’ll want these green travel products for your next vacation. While you are off seeing the world, keep the Earth in mind!  Organic and products made from recycled materials are good choices for the [...]

Vacation with a Green Conscience at Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco Resort


Let’s be realistic.  Travel usually leaves a big carbon footprint.  Even among the most eco-sensitive of us, its hard to get away without wasting energy and using fuel. But, you can vacation with a green conscience at Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco Resort.  Located on Kadavu, south of the main Fiji island, Matava is a 100% [...]

Voluntourism: Give Back While Getting Away

You work hard at your job.  Maybe you are raising kids, too.  When it comes time for a break, what would you rather do… relax on a beach, or volunteer to help needy communities or causes? With voluntourism, you can do both.  Why not give back while getting away? Lest you have visions of building [...]

5 Green Reasons to Take a Staycation

Summer is almost here.  Perhaps you are making your plans for the holidays.  While the idea of “vacationing” at home is not new, there are 5 green reasons to take a staycation this year. If you haven’t heard the term “staycation,” you might have been removed from all media over the past 12 months!  In [...]