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Get Away from it All at Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco-Resort


So, I posted several days ago about my trip to Fiji.   Where did I go, you might be wondering! I was staying at the remotely located Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco-Resort.  Here, you can experience “real Fiji,” according to one of its owners, Adrian Weeks. Matava is located on Kadavu, about a 1-hour plane ride south [...]

The Green Land of Fiji


I made it to Fiji very early this morning, arriving at the Nadi International Airport on an Air Pacific flight from Los Angeles. The trip took a little over 10 hours, but was mostly uneventful – if not somewhat restful.  Several of the other bloggers that are also here in Fiji for the FijiMe tour [...]

Where in the World is Peachy Green?

Where in the World is Peachy Green?

I’m still pinching myself about this opportunity. I haven’t mentioned it yet here on Peachy Green, but I was approached several weeks ago about an exciting project to explore eco-friendly resorts in an exotic location.  Of course, it was so enticing that I had to say yes! Today, I started my journey halfway around the [...]

Sustainable Spa and Resort in Baja: Prana del Mar


Looking for a sustainable spa and resort for your next vacation? It may be closer than you think!  Prana del Mar is a new luxury yoga retreat, spa and resort at the southern end of the Baja peninsula, outside of Cabo San Lucas. You cannot help but relax when you are enjoying the amazing natural [...]

The Cascade Lakes Highway


Living in beautiful Bend, Oregon is practically paradise on Earth.  After escaping the traffic and rain of Seattle, Washington four years ago, my family has been enjoying the benefits of living in a small town that is both “green” and filled with recreational opportunities. One of our favorite trips is right in our backyard.  The [...]

Simple Green Measures Adopted at Hotels


Around the world, hotels are going green.  But the pace at which properties are adopting eco-friendly measures or incorporating sustainable materials into construction has slowed due to the economy. These days, simple green measures are still being adopted at hotels.  Not the more expensive environmental upgrades like solar panels and retrofits, but switches to energy [...]

Pack Smart to Travel Greener


I’ve been living out of a suitcase for most of this summer between family vacations, baseball tournaments and a cousin’s wedding.  As I unloaded our suitcases for the last time, it struck me how easy it has been to pack smart to travel greener. That’s right – you can cut down on weight and waste [...]

Green Hotel Bathrooms

Green Hotel Bathrooms

No matter where you stay when you travel, its hard to deny the fact that excess waste is produced, and energy needs are probably higher than when you stay at home.  Even the most eco-friendly hotels have to work hard to minimize their carbon footprint. Little measures do add up, however.  Greening hotel bathrooms is [...]

How to Find Eco-Friendly Hotels


When planning a vacation, there are a number of considerations that come into play with respect to lodging: price, location, amenities and – these days – environmental practices.  Fortunately, its easier than ever to find eco-friendly hotels. If you want to ensure that your hotel is green, there are several ways to check.  First, see [...]

Travel Green: Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon


When planning vacations these days, many people have a desire to travel green.  Staying at a bed and breakfast could definitely help you minimize your carbon footprint while on holiday.  Also known as B&Bs, these properties are generally a single-family home that has been converted (and properly permitted) to allow overnight visitors for limited stays.  [...]

How Green is Your Campsite?


When it comes to green travel, you may think that pitching a tent in the wilderness is more eco-friendly than checking into a hotel.  But you could be wrong, surprisingly! When you sleep outside in the great outdoors, you definitely need to consider how green your campsite is!  That also means considering your overall impact [...]

5 Ways to Travel Greener


Not all hotels are created equal when it comes to environmental impact.  However, you can lower your carbon footprint while you’re on the road with a few simple steps. Here’s 5 ways to travel greener: 1.  Re-use your towels at least once and ask that your bed not be changed during your stay.  The energy [...]