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Wave Energy Project Off the Oregon Coast

Wave energy to harness the power of the tides

Do you live near the Ocean?  Have you considered the power of the waves…. just waiting for us to tap into the clean, renewable energy! Although I live about 300 miles from the West Coast of Oregon, we love to visit the ocean several times a year.  The roar of the waves outside the window [...]

Carbon-Free Cookies from Kraft Canada

Bullfrog Power partners with Kraft Canada to make carbon-free Dad's Cookies (MARKETWIRE photo)

If you are a smart consumers that examines labels before purchase, you might be looking for low-fat or low-carb options in the snack aisle.  But what about carbon-free? That’s right!  When it comes to manufacturing mass-produced treats, why not choose a company that uses green energy to cut its carbon footprint? Carbon-free cookies from Kraft [...]

Opera Data Center in Iceland Runs on 100% Renewable Energy


Here on the West Coast of the U.S., people are still up in arms about the new Facebook Data Center in Oregon that will use a lot of dirty, coal-based power. But thousands of miles away in Thor, Iceland, an Opera Software data center is running on 100% renewable energy.  The company that operates Opera [...]

1000 Green Supers for NYC

New York is known for so many wondrous things. Green and clean? Well, not quite. Not yet. And the city’s building supers? Yeah. Sure. We know them by their infamous cracks. New York City Mayor Bloomberg has decided to aggressively green up and educate 1000 of the city’s supers over the next year on energy [...]

Drilling For Oil Makes Greenies Feel Blue

It’s doom and gloom with the environmentally pure crowd these days. The long-awaited bill permitting drilling for oil off both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States has sailed through the House and is on its way to the Senate. While the purists are unhappy, the pragmatists are satisfied. The rest of us [...]