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Mileage Record Broken for Electric Vehicle Travel on Single Charge


C’mon electric car naysayers!  What if we told you that it was possible to drive over 600 miles on a single charge?  That’s right.  No limited range.  No stopping to fuel up.  Quite simply, you could drive most of the length of California without ever stopping. That’s just what the Japan Electric Vehicle Club did [...]

Tesla and Toyota: Electric Car Marriage Made in Heaven?


This week, the electric car dreams of many Americans appeared to be coming true.  While the Tesla 100% Electric Roadster is currently one of the only viable EVs on the road right now, the price tag is a bit too steep for most of us. But hold your electric horses…. Tesla Motors has announced they [...]

Nissan Leaf Leads Green Drive at Washington Auto Show

Nissan Leaf Leads Green Drive at Washington Auto Show

Message from auto manufacturers, green is here to stay. If there was one message that came loud and clear from this year’s Washington Auto Show, its that the future of the auto industry is green. A massive 65,000 square feet of the Washington Convention Center was dedicated to the “Advanced Technology SuperHighway,” which is basically [...]

Electric Cars: What Drivers Want?

When it comes to driving, what standard feature in cars would you most like to see?  Its an interesting question, and I’m sure that responses have evolved over the past 5-10 years, as concerns about the cost of fuel, greenhouse gas emissions, and even the source of our oil imports have impacted our car buying [...]

Let’s Take a Ride in an Electric Car

The indie/pop group,”They Might Be Giants,” has turned in recent years to entertaining children with unique songs and videos.  Not since “Schoolhouse Rock” have educational tunes been so engaging. As a proponent of electric cars, I was especially thrilled to find a new music video which illustrates the benefits of plug-in vehicles to youngsters. Fun [...]

Chevy Volt Packs Quite A Jolt

GM’s long awaited electric hybrid, the Chevy Volt, is ready for the 2010 model year and will get a stunning 230 miles per gallon of gas, according to General Motors. That’s quite a jolt of juice. That’s right. I said two hundred thirty miles per gallon.  We are talking triple digits and a serious potential [...]

Who Got Killed by the Electric Car?

Years ago, before the Chevy Volt, General Motors produced an electric car called the EV1. The future was not bright for that car, however, and GM eventually took it off the market for a number of reasons, just three years after the EV1 was introduced. The company went back to producing gas guzzling SUVs and [...]

Chevy Volt – Electric Excitement

On September 16, GM finally unveiled its much-anticipated (and hyped) Chevy Volt electric car. Although consumers will not be able to drive this baby until 2010, they did get a good look at what environmentally-conscious (and fuel-efficient) consumers will be parking in their garages very soon. Vehicles like the Volt will be powered solely by [...]

Driving on Sunshine

Go for a ride with a grandfather from Olympia, Washington, as he discusses the conversion he made to change his 1975 VW Bug from gas-powered to electric car. Because he has installed solar panels on his home, the vehicle is effectively solar powered. As he pointedly asks, Why aren’t we all driving on sunlight?