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Drinking Soda: Worse for the Environment than Bottled Water


We all know that the greenest option for quenching your thirst is straight from the tap.  If you want to take water on the go, there are a number of reusable water bottles that can be rinsed and re-used, rather than tossed into the plastic trash (bottled water containers are rarely recycled). But what about [...]

Why “Clean Coal” Will Never Be

What can be clean about coal?

Recently, I keep hearing about “clean coal” from unexpected sources.  Last month at the Driving Green event sponsored by Ford Motor Company at NAIAS in Detroit, Stewart Brand touted the benefits of clean coal and nuclear energy as alternatives to renewable resources.  Then, just last week, President Obama – a Democrat, lest you need reminding [...]

Warm Up Your Car Without Wasting Energy


Baby, its cold outside!  Winter is here and that often means a freezing cold, iced over vehicle to get into in the morning. If your daily habit includes starting the ignition and leaving the car idling while you grab the rest of your things inside, you are doing more than just wasting gas.  When you [...]

Wasting Food Wastes Energy

Food Waste 2

Its such a simple idea, its almost embarrassing to have to blog about it.  News flash: wasting food wastes energy. Here in the U.S., it is generally consumption, consumption, consumption.  Even a terrible recession has hardly cooled our jets. Fast food is making us fat and clogging the atmosphere with carbon emissions.  But, if we [...]

How Gas-Powered Vehicles Create So Many Carbon Emissions

How Gas-Powered Vehicles Create So Many Carbon Emissions

One of my favorite, most entertaining radio shows is “Car Talk,” which is hosted by brothers and automotive experts, Tom and Ray Magliozzi.  Each Saturday, Tom and Ray come onto National Public Radio (NPR) and answer some drivers’ most pressing questions – with wit and quite a bit of knowledge.  I always learn something, and [...]