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Adorable Videos of Endangered Baby Animals


While the holiday season has kept us busy and engaged, we took some time to find adorable videos of endangered baby animals.  These innocent lives remind us of the importance of preserving planet Earth and working to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking wildlife habitat. Watch this video of a baby Silverback Gorilla with his [...]

Baby Animals: Cuteness is a Click Away on Animal Planet


One of my favorite sites is Animal Planet.  Not only do I love the photographs, but there is consistently useful information about endangered animals and interesting television programs on its Discovery channel (as an aside, I am totally enthralled with Whale Wars, but we’ll save that for a future post).  You can also learn about [...]

Incredible Wildlife Photography

Incredible Wildlife Photography

Ever have one of those moments when you think to yourself, “Boy, I wish I had my camera?!”  Well, you can enjoy the good fortune of the photographers who were not empty handed when they shot these amazing animal pictures. These high-speed images are treasures that tell stories we rarely get to see – let [...]