SunShare Feed-in Tariff Scheme in the UK Encourages Low Cost Solar Panel Installations

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 48197265 panels 1 full SunShare Feed in Tariff Scheme in the UK Encourages Low Cost Solar Panel Installations

Affordable solar panels in the UK

For homeowners in the UK looking for affordable solar panels, there is a new feed-in tariff scheme that launched on Monday January 17, 2011 that may be just your answer.  SunShare now allows for PV solar panel investment for a fraction of the usual upfront costs.  But you have to qualify for the government-backed feed-in tariff scheme.

For qualifying homeowners in the UK, solar panels will be installed on their rooftop and then they’ll start drawing on free solar electricity.  Under the feed-in tariff scheme, they could even earn more than 1000 pounds each year!  This option for financing solar panels has been described by Mark Wynn, Managing Director of Avonline PLC, as a lucrative long term investment option:

“Any household that’s looking for a guaranteed long term investment will struggle to find a better option. Qualifying UK homes can get a fully installed solar PV system for as little as 3,999 pounds. The homeowners who make this investment will subsequently reduce their electricity bills by up to 40%. They will be able to earn over 1000 pounds Sterling a year from Feed-in Tariff payments, add value to their home, protect themselves against escalating energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, just to mention a few of the benefits.”

This year, the SunShare feed-in tariff scheme will benefit as many as 5,000 homes that will be able to install low cost solar panels.  If you’d like to take advantage of the UK feed-in tariff, you’d best make plans for 2011.  The government is reviewing the scheme in 2012, and rates could be lowered.  If you take advantage of the current rates on the feed-in tariff scheme now, you can lock in for the next 25 years.

The incentives offered by the government for going solar have encouraged record solar panel installations in the UK.  Government funds are used to pay each owner of a qualified installation 41.3p per kWh of energy generated, regardless of whether it is used by the homeowner.  Since the feed-in tariff scheme launched in April 2010, UK has become the fastest growing solar market in Europe with 10 times the number of solar panel installations than in the previous year.

With the Sunshare scheme, upfront solar panel installation costs for homeowners are reduced, and you still get a professional installation, maintenance and submission of paperwork for the Feed-in Tariff.

Find out if you qualify for the scheme by visiting

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