Flash-Dancing in Bend Oregon!

Peachy — By on December 5, 2009 at 7:00 pm
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Dancing Flash Mob (image by Ieuan Jenkins on Flickr)

A new phenomenon is sweeping the nation… and you never know when it will break out in your hometown.  I’m talking about so-called “flash mobs.”

They’re usually organized behind the scenes through Twitter and Facebook, sometimes to make a difference on social issues.  For the most part, however, these surprise gatherings are simply intended to entertain bystanders with music and choreographed dancing.

Perhaps the slow economy has influenced this trend, with people looking for inexpensive, creative ways to have fun.  It could also be the explosion of social media tools from YouTube to Twitter and the ubiquitous smart phones that allow people to connect with anyone at anytime.  No matter the reason, who doesn’t like to watch people dancing and having fun – in unusual places – without any advance warning?

Today, it was an ordinary afternoon in Bend, Oregon.  Chilly and probably too cold to snow, parade-goers bundled up along the streets of downtown, clutching hot chocolate and coffee.  Minutes before the annual Christmas Parade was due to start, something curious happened…. a flash mob dance!

Suffice to say, the crowd was surprised!  I was there, and overheard some of the spectators looking at each other and asking – “are you going to go out there and dance?”  I love the looks on the police officers’ faces too.  Word is that over 100 dancers participated, coming out of the crowd one by one, and jumping in at just the right beat.

Who knows how the Christmas Parade flash mob was organized, or who was behind the scenes?

Santa may not even have the answer to that mystery…unless some of his elves were part of the flash mob themselves!

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