New Programmable Thermostat for the iPhone Generation

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NestLearningThermostat 4x New Programmable Thermostat for the iPhone Generation

Nest Labs Programmable Thermostat

You probably already know that one of the easiest ways to lower your energy costs and save money is to install and use a programmable thermostat.

Yet, many homeowners have not made the switch, in part because of the hassle and… well… because they don’t want to learn how to use a new gadget that does not provide entertainment.

A team of computer experts in Palo Alto, California – led by a former Apple executive – hope to change this situation with the introduction of Nest Labs, a digital “learning thermostat” that includes cool features like a motion-tracking sensor that tells it when people are in the room and adjusts temperatures accordingly.

Its time to reconsider the lowly residential thermostat!

Watch this video demonstrating how to use Nest Labs high-tech thermostat:

Nest Labs hope that their new high-tech thermostat will change the tide with respect to digital thermostats.  Other makes and models of programmable thermostats have not captured consumer attention, in large part because they are difficult to use.  People do not see a return on investment of the time associated with installation and use and thus, stick with what they know and have.

But savings with a programmable thermostat quickly add up.  Consider these facts:

  • More than 10% of all energy used in the U.S. – including transportation – is within a home
  • More than 50% of home energy usage is associated with heating and cooling
  • Each degree a home is kept cooler in the winter, or warmer in the summer equals a 5% energy saving
  • A 4 degree shift results in 20% savings:  For a home spending $1,000-1,500 a year on heating/cooling, savings add up to $200-300 annually

The Nest Labs programmable thermostat will pay for itself within a year, and requires little thought or effort on the part of the homeowner!

If you are interested in a Nest Labs thermostat to help you save energy and money, you can purchase one through the company’s website starting in November 2011 (or pre-order today), or go through Best Buy’s website.  You can install it yourself, or hire a professional.

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