New Fuel Economy Labels for Vehicles in the United States

Going green, Green Travel — By Stephanie on June 1, 2011 at 6:27 am
fueleconomy small New Fuel Economy Labels for Vehicles in the United States

New Fuel Economy Labels help consumers make wise decisions in purchasing vehicles

Last month, President Obama announced the biggest overhaul in fuel economy labels – those stickers you see on new vehicles for sale – in 35 years.  The labels are intended to protect the public against rising gas prices by providing comparable ratings concerning not only city and highway mileage, but also projected fuel costs and impacts on the environment with respect to CO2 emissions and contribution to smog.

Shown above, the new fuel economy labels contain information that allows consumers to determine how much they would spend or save in gasoline over a five year period.  Car buyers will be able to easily compare the labels between various new vehicles when making a purchasing decision.

The comparable ratings are easy to understand and will be available for all new vehicles in the United States, including electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric cars.  The new fuel economy labels will contain a QR (quick response) code that enables them to be scanned and stored in consumers’ smartphones for quick and easy comparison off the lot.  Car buyers will need to download a QR reader app.

Currently, the expected roll-out date for the new fuel economy labels is 2012, when new 2013 vehicle models hit the showrooms.  They may appear sooner, however, if auto manufacturers voluntarily adopt them for new 2012 vehicles.

Learn more, and even input your own driving habits to get estimated fuel costs for comparison between vehicles, at

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