Hertz Rental Car Company Goes Green with Solar Panels and Electric Cars

Going green, Green Travel, Renewable energy — By Stephanie on February 12, 2011 at 6:09 am
hertz test drive electric cars photo Hertz Rental Car Company Goes Green with Solar Panels and Electric Cars

Rent green electric cars at Hertz

Going green is easier than ever at Hertz Rental Car Company, as you can now rent electric cars, and tap into renewable solar energy at the same time.  The Nissan LEAF has been added to Hertz’s rental fleet, which is a fantastic way to “test drive” a 100% electric vehicle.

In addition to making EVs available for rental, Hertz is starting a new solar energy initiative.  By fall 2011, solar panels will be installed at 15 Hertz facilities across locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  The new solar energy systems are in addition to Hertz’s 235-kilowatt system near Denver International Airport.

There’s more than just EVs and solar panels when it comes to the Green Initiatives of Hertz Rental Car Company.  Hertz has switched to LED light bulbs, solar shades, uses power management technology to save energy, and adopted an electronic waste disposal policy about 7 years ago.  Working with  Redemtech, Hertz has kept an estimated 891,000 pounds of electronic equipment, 34,225 pounds of lead, 8 pounds of arsenic, 51 pounds of cadmium and 12 pounds of mercury out of landfills.

Next time you are traveling, think Green!  Consider renting an electric car (or another vehicle if you wish) from the rental car company that is working hard to minimize its environmental impact!

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