Have A Green New Years Eve In Iceland

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Fireworks and Bonfires in Reykjavik

Looking for a really special New Years Eve experience in a clean, green place?  What about New Years Eve in Iceland?

Uh, well, make that New Years Eve in Reykjavik, the country’s very hip, very partying, and very green capital.  It probably isn’t the first place that leaps to mind when you’re thinking green New Year, but maybe it should be.

For starters, Reykjavik is one partying place all year round and on New Years Eve  the whole city comes out in the street to celebrate like a big extended family ( which , in a way, it is)

On New Years Eve there are huge bonfires all over town, where families gather toast and  talk and see the old year out.  Restaurants of every stripe and price range are open and offering special New Years fare.   The streets are full and lots of folks set off for the highest points of the city from where they can get the best view of all the bonfires. At midnight there is a city-wide fireworks display that you just will not believe  Everybody has fireworks and people just gather in groups and set them off…..and the result is just amazing. …. and then the party really begins.

Wander the streets, hike up to one of the hills around the city to watch the show or   hit the bars and pubs or enjoy an elegant supper at  a  gourmet restaurant.  When it is party time in Reykjavik, everyone is welcome.

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Green Green Iceland

Iceland is probably one of the world’s most environmentally friendly destinations.  The air is clear and non polluted. The water, fresh from the glaciers is free of chlorine and almost all the heat and hot water in the country is produced by renewable, geothermal energy from deep under the country’s volcanoes.  Since all locally grown frueits and veggies are raised in green houses, and all sheep and cows are free of hormones and antibiotics, and are grass fed not grain finished, you pretty much can’t avoid organic food– oh yes, and the fish– well since fishing accounts for about 70% of Iceland’s GNP, the fish tastes like it jumped right out of the ocean onto your plate.  I’ve never had such fresh fish in my life.

On top of that, Reykjavik is full of wonderful accommodations, from the elegant Hotel Holt, where visiting captains of industry and heads of state keep a low profile to centrally located dorm-style hostels like Reykjavik Backpackers where the low budget student crowd hangs out.  The party is for everybody.

There are a number of tour operators both in Europe and North America, who offer New Years Packages. In addition, Icelandair, the nations’ airline offers a number of New Years deals, tailored to your needs, including hotel, car, side trips to the country and much more, depending on how much time you have and how much money you want to spend….Check their website for details.

Depending on where you are flying from, you can also get to Iceland via discount carrier Iceland Express which has some great packages and even greater prices.  Check them out here.

It’s not too late for this year and it is never too early to start planning for next year.  If you want to have a really special New Years celebration, consider seeing the New Year in in Iceland, one of the greenest spots in the world.   It is a place you will never forget. I promise.

Helpful Iceland Travel Websites

Reykjavik Pure Energy The official tourism website of the Reykjavik area

New Years in Iceland Icelandair New Years Packages from the USA

Nordic Visitor, Iceland Accommodation and more in Iceland from budget to deluxe. A very useful site

Inspired by Iceland a wonderful, comprehensive site that will give you an overall view of Iceland — check out the web cams. They are awesome as are the personal stories

Wherever you celebrate the New Year, may it bring peace and prosperity to you and yours and to this battered world of ours. Happy New Year from Peachy Green.

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