Green Travel in an RV

Going green, Green Travel — By Stephanie on March 17, 2011 at 6:33 am
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Green traveling in an RV

Its Spring Break season!  Over the next month, schools will be out for a week or two and many families will hit the road for vacation.  In my family, its too expensive to fly four kids and two adults to a destination.  That’s why we’ve been considering green travel in an RV.

I know – I know…. why would we even think about getting into such a huge gas hog with fuel prices topping $4/gallon these days?  Because staying in a recreational vehicle is considerably less expensive than paying for a hotel room each night, and its also more eco-friendly.

Compared even to “green hotels,” RVs use considerably less water and energy than if you were to stay elsewhere.  With minimal hot water capacity, showers are shorter by necessity.  And, you can travel even greener by using solar panels on your RV to generate electricity for use on the road.

Want to learn more about green travel in an RV?  Consider this family’s story:

Already own an RV?  Make it more energy efficient with LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs.  Cut your carbon footprint by washing your own dishes, rather than going for disposable plates, bowls, cups and silverware.  These are common sense ways to save energy and money.  In addition, consider the following:

  • Don’t drive over the speed limit – you’ll save gas and CO2 emissions
  • Choose a propane grill for cooking, rather than charcoal for your barbeque
  • Making a campfire?  Try the Java Log or other clean burning wood to reduce smoke and other emissions
  • Carry bicycles so that you have a quick, green way to travel to the store from your campsite
  • Open the windows at night to allow fresh breezes, rather than running air conditioning.

Its easy to make an adventure out of family vacations with a road trip.  Why not travel green in an RV this year?  You’ll see more scenery and cut your energy usage overall along the way.

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  1. Sara Allan says:

    Sounds like a great idea.People are starting to think about going green in every day life, but I don’t think it’s as prominant a thought when planning vacation. It’s like we’re on vacation from our duty to the planet as well.
    Great post!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Sara – its amazing how much you can save with both energy and money when you travel green. Best to you, Steph

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