Green Travel Dining: Picnic to Enjoy Local Food and Save Money

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picnicers Green Travel Dining: Picnic to Enjoy Local Food and Save Money

Picnic to go green while traveling

Going on vacation?  Traveling for business?

What better way to take in the sights, enjoy local fare and save some money (and the environment) than a picnic?

Eating outdoors gives you the opportunity to explore parks, breathe in fresh air and take in the sights of the city that you might miss if you sit inside a restaurant.  In fact, the first time I visited Paris, France, we often picked up a baguette and a round of Brie cheese and continued touring the city during lunch!

Picnicking can give you the chance to try local fare at a cheaper price than you’ll find in restaurants.

Whether you find a large stretch of lawn is irrelevant.  A picnic is where you make it – a park bench, a step in front of a museum, or the edge of a public fountain are all perfect locations for green travel dining!

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of packing a picnic meal while on a trip, consider food carts.  These days, they are literally everywhere.  For a 5-spot or less, you can enjoy pizza, gyros, sandwiches, wraps, pasta or, for a bit more money, delicious drinks or desserts.

Green travel dining includes local food, minimal packaging, outdoor dining (think no heating or A/C) and the ability to enjoy the sights and sounds of the location you are visiting!

Where have you picnicked while traveling?  We would love to hear your reviews and read about your experiences.  Be sure to share in the comment section below.

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