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Last month, I finally called the carpet cleaners to help me get our floor coverings back to normal after owning an elderly pet with … issues.

Since we moved into our home nearly 5 years ago, we’ve never had a commercial carpet cleaning service go over all of our carpets.  We have a pretty good carpet cleaning spray, and own a vacuum-like steam cleaner.  Yet, I have to agree with some of the marketing for carpet cleaning.  If there was an adequate consumer-based product that is the equivalent of professional cleaning, the pros would go out of business.

GreenCarpetCleaning LA Green Carpet Cleaning

What is involved with green carpet cleaning?

Green carpet cleaning is important to me for a number of reasons.  I have asthma and diabetes, so I cannot tolerate additional chemicals off-gassing in my home.  Perhaps more importantly, my kids lie on the carpet, our pets have beds on the carpet, and I often stretch and do sit-ups there as well.

Green carpet cleaning involves the following:

  • Eco-friendly solvents, instead of harsh, toxic chemicals
  • Minimal water use
  • Quick drying practices
  • Low or no-VOCs
  • Surfactant-free
  • No “sick building” syndrome

I was very thrilled with the service and professionalism of Ecosafe Carpet Cleaning in my hometown of Bend, Oregon.  I will say this review is 100% “free” as I didn’t ask for or receive any discounted services.  Did I pay a bit more for the carpet cleaning than I would have with another company?  Possibly.  But was it worth it?  No question!

I had all the carpets in our home cleaned.  Thorough directions were given before and after the carpet cleaning, which is Green Seal Certified.  Joel had plenty of information to help guide me through what to expect and why green carpet cleaning is wise and superior to other methods.

Professional carpet cleaning Green Carpet Cleaning

Relax and breathe easy with green carpet cleaning

Afterward, the house smelled clean, but did not have a chemical odor.  No one was coughing or sneezing, and our dog even slept in our bedroom on the floor the same day the carpets were cleaned.  If you are thinking about green carpet cleaning as part of your annual spring spruce-up, think about scheduling it on a day when you can open up the windows and allow the carpets to dry naturally (instead of cranking the heat or A/C).

Have you tried green carpet cleaning at your home?  Any tips or suggestions for best results?

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  1. Green cleaning is the perfect way to secure your health and have a clean home.

  2. I like the idea of using green carpet cleaning. Next time we clean our carpets, we’ll have to try it.

  3. Maintaining a clean household is not easy, having to keep a neat carpet is also difficult. Carpet cleaners, window sprays and other cleaning products need to be eco-friendly. In this way, not only are keeping your home clean but you are also helping out in saving the environment. Carpets are indeed very hard to keep clean especially if you do not know how or that you are too busy to do it yourself, but you to bear in mind that bacteria can stay deep in the carpet and this can cause diseases.

  4. Green cleaning is a great way to preserve human health and environmental quality. And doing a green carpet cleaning assures us that our home is safe and environment friendly.

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