Going Green the Amish Way

Going green, Renewable energy — By Roberta on September 24, 2008 at 8:20 am
buggy Going Green the Amish Way

Yes, that’s right. The Amish are into renewable energy. They are going green the Amish way. They may shun cell phones, radio and TV, and ride around in black horse drawn buggies(with solar powered lanterns), but they were green long before going green was cool. Back in the 1920′s Amish leaders rejected the notion of connecting up to the national power grid as too worldly, but permitted low voltage current provided by individual gas generators –which is why you won’t find microwaves and washer/dryers in Amish homes, but might encounter a small 15 watt light bulb. In the wake of high fuel prices, the Amish have figured out what we all should know—that in the long run harnessing the free, clean power of sun and wind makes more sense than paying for dirty fossil fuel. From the lush farmlands of Lancaster County to rural Ohio, they are going green the Amish way, by enthusiastically embracing the latest in solar and wind technology.

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Going green the Amish way!

Going Green the Amish Way

In rural Ohio there is a thriving Amish solar panel dealer who employs Amish men to do solar installations and says that fully 70% of his customers these days are Amish. A 63 year old Amish farmer in Indiana recently applied for a permit to build an 87-foot steel tower to be topped with a wind turbine and a solar panel which will provide power for both his family and farm animals. Along the back roads of Lancaster County, PA it seems that every other barn has solar panels while wind turbines are sprouting like sunflowers in the fields.

It’s ironic that we “worldly” people think of the Amish way as a quaint old fashioned relic left over from centuries past. Their enthusiastic embrace of clean renewable energy puts them right at the cutting edge of 21st century technology. We should all be going green the Amish way.

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