Get a Green Job in the New Year

Going green — By on January 3, 2011 at 6:41 am
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Green jobs are sprouting up across many industries

With the New Year, hopes are rising once again that the economy will turn around and unemployment numbers will drop (that and that the housing crisis will improve).  If you have been unemployed or under employed, 2011 could be your year to get a green job.

Green jobs cover a broad spectrum of positions from laborers and contractors such as solar panel installers to marketing and management positions to sell the increasing number of renewable energy products.  Scientists and engineers are also finding jobs in the green sector as the world works to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels while finding affordable, efficient means of alternative energy.

If you are already employed, you could even “green” the job you have.  Work in the retail industry?  Maybe you could propose a sustainability initiative and chair up new recycling and energy saving measures.  Love to travel?  Why not search out green hotels and vacation destinations and write about them, or offer to help property owners switch to renewable energy resources like solar power and geothermal.

Experts predict that over 4 million green jobs will be added in the workforce over the next 30 years.  Qualified persons will have the edge, as well, because the demand will be high for these type of employees.

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Green jobs are a big trend in 2011

Yahoo! Green posted an article recently about where to find a green job that we thought very useful.  Here is an excerpt from its posting:

Why not get a green job in the New Year?  With many offerings out there, now is the perfect time to start planting the seeds for a successful, rewarding green career.

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