Ford Motor Company Claims its Vehicles Are 85% Recyclable

Going green — By Stephanie on April 23, 2010 at 9:36 am
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Ford Motor Company - As American (and green?) as it gets

On the eve of Earth Day 2010, Ford Motor Company made a somewhat surprising announcement – it claims its vehicles are 85% recyclable.  That’s right!  If you’ve ever wondered if you can recycle your car, Ford says “yes!”

Whether or not Ford’s announcement is truly green, or just one to chase after your cold hard cash, is one that only consumers can decide.  But the company’s CEO, Bill Ford has been known to associate with environmentalists.  In fact Michigan Green Leaders has observed this about Ford:

He was talking sensibly about sustainability and climate before it was fashionable, making the business and ethical case for environmentally responsible practices. Many of Ford Motor Co.’s environmental achievements during the past 10 years directly reflect his advocacy and influence on his colleagues and company.

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A family of Fords

So what has Ford done to make its vehicles recyclable?

To begin with, the 2010 Ford Taurus is now the 11th in a long line of Ford cars that include soy and biomass-based foam in its cushions, seatbacks and headrests (you could also go with a Mustang, F-150, Flex, Focus, Escape, Econoline, Expedition, Mercury Marniner, Lincoln Navigator or a Lincoln MKS).

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Recycle your Ford Taurus?

Seat fabrics made from recycled yarn also can be found in the Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid.  Perhaps even more green is the fact that Ford is reducing the use of petroleum plastic products, choosing wheat straw-reinforced plastic that is 100% compostable, instead.  Can you imagine being able to recycle car parts at the end of its life?

According to Debbie Mielewski, technical leader of Ford Plastics Research:

“Natural fiber-reinforced plastics and plant-based polymer resins help reduce CO2 emissions by being entirely compostable, and in some cases reduce weight, which helps improve fuel economy.”

Some commentators have noted that the timing of Ford’s green, recyclable vehicles announcement is a little suspect, given its selection of Earth Day as the date to tell the world.  Yet, regardless of its potential motivations, the fact that you can potentially recycle your car may make some consumers consider purchasing a Ford.

What do you think about the green Ford cars?  Hype or wise marketing?

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