Eco Friendly Vacation Prep Tips for the Home

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By Jakob Berry

Craftsman Style Home Eco Friendly Vacation Prep Tips for the Home

Prepare Your Home for Vacation So You Can Relax and Enjoy Yourself

Packing for a vacation is one thing; prepping the house for being idle is another.

Amidst all the pre-travel activities keep in mind eco-friendliness can go a long way, especially with last minute chores:

  • Cleaning: Nobody likes to comes home to a mess so when tidying up use eco-friendly cleaners in place of toxic substances. This will be especially important when vacationing since the house will be sealed and noxious fumes won’t have anywhere to go.
  • Compost: Fruits and veggies that can’t be used in time should be given away or composted. Alternatively for other perishables that will be discarded recycle cardboard containers, paper, and plastic.
  • Appliances: Believe it or not appliances not in use but plugged in still use electricity. Unplug all that are unessential like mixers, croc pots, blenders, and the oven if possible.  Doing so will lower the amount of wattage being used.
  • Water: At least two weeks before going away do a homeowner test by halting water usage, checking the meter, and then waiting about two hours before checking it again. If the meter changed there is a leak that needs immediate attention before it becomes a larger problem wasting water and money.
  • A security light: Everyone knows it’s always a good idea to leave a light on when going away but instead of using incandescent bulbs, use energy saving CFLs, which don’t heat up and are unlikely to burn out.
  • Gardening: If vacationing in the summer when the yard needs to be fed, make sure whoever waters the garden directs water at roots and not empty patches of soil. Furthermore, if you are away often but still want to sustain a yard with plant life consider looking into the concepts of xeriscaping, a low maintenance form of landscaping.
  • Indoor Plants: Purchase some house plants as certain varieties have been proven to cleanse air. Depending on the length of your trip they may need to be watered once or twice by a trusted friend or family member.
  • Clothing: People sometimes buy new clothing for vacations. If this is your practice and the old items are in good condition donate or pass the them on to others. If they are unusable utilize them as rags for house cleaning.

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