Donate Land: Protect Wildlife Habitat

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Protect Wildlife Habitat

Did you know that you can help donate land to protect wildlife habitat?  That’s right.  Instead of worrying about news reports that tell you that habitat is diminishing at a rate to threaten endangered species, why not look to what you can do?

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 85% of forest habitats have been permanently destroyed or logged, and more than half of our wetlands have been drained or filled since the birth of our nation. The US Forest Service, says 5,000 acres of land is developed every day. That’s 5,000 acres of animal and plant habitat destroyed.

So what can we do to protect wildlife habitat?  According to the Humane Society affiliate Wildlife Land Trust (WLT):  “Permanent protection of both land and wildlife is possible, though, and that is what the Wildlife Land Trust enables landowners to achieve.”

The Wildlife Land Trust (“WLT”) Director states that, in order to provide sanctuary for species, the highest priority is “to work with private landowners to protect their deeply rooted conservation and wildlife protection interests.”

Currently there are 110 sanctuaries throughout the United States, in addition to two in Canada, with a total acreage about 80,000. WLT works with other agencies including the Nature Conservancy and the Grand Canyon Trust to protect millions of acres of land around the world.

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Preserve Wildlife Habitat

You can protect wildlife habitat in several ways:  outright donation, or through conservation easement donations. Both of these options are explained ontheir website. WLT works with individual landowners, to evaluate the capacity of land to function as a permanent sanctuary.  There is no government support for WLT, which subsists entirely on  money raised through fundraising and private donations.

If you are wondering how to help protect wildlife habitat, you can do so through financial donations, whether one-time, or monthly with the Friends of Wildlife program.  People can also pitch in with hours to help, by becoming a Volunteer Sanctuary Monitor.  Learn how to help with on-site sanctuary monitoring, and reporting vandalism as well as hunting and trapping restrictions to the local authorities.

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