Carbon-Free Cookies from Kraft Canada

Going green — By Stephanie on February 3, 2011 at 6:18 am

If you are a smart consumers that examines labels before purchase, you might be looking for low-fat or low-carb options in the snack aisle.  But what about carbon-free?

That’s right!  When it comes to manufacturing mass-produced treats, why not choose a company that uses green energy to cut its carbon footprint?

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Bullfrog Power partners with Kraft Canada to make carbon-free Dad's Cookies (MARKETWIRE photo)

Carbon-free cookies from Kraft Canada are baked and packaged using “green,” zero-emission electricity to reduce CO2 emissions.  The brand “Dad’s Cookies” uses generators supplied by Bullfrog Power that rely on 100% green natural gas, which is produced by capturing naturally occurring gas from organic matter decay.  Unlike fossil fuel-based natural gas, this natural gas is clean and renewable, as well as carbon-free.

In addition to the clean natural gas, the electricity required to create a package of carbon-free cookies is generated by wind and/or hydro facilities.  No coal or oil is used.

Kraft Canada reportedly chose Bullfrog Power to help advance its environmental strategy pursuant to which it aims to cut energy use and CO2 emissions by 25%.  Kraft Canada is also working to reduce water consumption and solid waste, as well as cut down on wasteful packaging materials.

Dad’s cookies will soon bear the logo of Bullfrog Power.  While we can promise your cookies will be carbon-free, I can’t say anything about guilt-free!

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