5 Things to Do Instead of Shopping Black Friday Sales

Going green — By Stephanie on November 26, 2010 at 6:54 am
black friday 5 Things to Do Instead of Shopping Black Friday Sales

Black Friday? No thanks!

Black Friday is the un-official kick-off of the holiday season.  Stores open their doors extremely early (4 or 5 a.m.) and entice shoppers to part with their money with “doorbuster” deals and 1-day only sales.

I’m not going to fight the mobs this year.  In fact, I’ve decided that these so-called special prices are not worth the hassle, and not even that good of a deal.  In fact, wait until the days before Christmas (or afterwards if you dare) and you’ll get even better prices.

So, here’s 5 things to do instead of shopping Black Friday sales:

1.  Come up with creative recipes for leftover turkey.  A few of our favorites: turkey enchiladas, turkey and rice soup, open faced turkey sandwiches.

2.  Go for a walk, a run or a bicycle ride with my kids and the dogs.  Nothing beats fresh air and exercise after a day of culinary indulgences.

3.  Relax and sleep in! I’ve been so busy preparing my home for houseguests, grocery shopping and preparing the Thanksgiving dinner, I need a morning to myself.  In fact, I think I’ll pour an extra cup of coffee right now.

4.  Enjoy the day with your family or friends.  When else do you get 4 days off in a row?  Take full advantage and schedule lunch with a friend, hang out and play boardgames with family.  Sit on the sofa and swap stories.

5.  If you really want to shop, why not go online? You can save gas, parking, lighting, and much more.  Green shopping at its best!  Shopping via computer is so much more relaxing – worth every penny of instant gratification!

What are you doing on Black Friday this year?

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