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More Middle Class Homeowners Considering Solar


With solar panels falling in price, government incentives and rebates still robust, and growing concern about continued use of non-renewable (and polluting) energy resources, is it any wonder that more middle class homeowners are considering solar? Perhaps not. But get this statistic from One Block Off the Grid: 42% of upper middle class homeowners are [...]

Homes with Solar Panels Sell Faster for More Money


When you consider the cost of solar panels for your home, there are some values that don’t automatically come to mind.  Sure, you’ll save on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint, but did you know that homes with solar panels sell faster and for more money? That’s right.  In a 1998 study by [...]

Philips LED Television With Solar-Powered Remote Control


Just in time for the holidays!  A new eco-friendly television that uses LED technology (light emitting diodes) and comes with a solar powered remote control.  Philips Econova T.V. (pictured above) is a 42-inch green electronics marvel.  The LED television operates impressively on just 46 watts of power per hour, the equivalent of that used by [...]

World’s Greenest Parking Lot


The world’s greenest parking lot will welcome its first vehicles next month, at the Denver International Airport.  Owned and operated by Greenscape Capital Group, Inc., the Canopy Airport Parking lot (drawing shown above) will be powered by a variety of renewable energy technologies. Solar panels on the covered roof will generate clean electricity to recharge [...]

Solar Cells That Repair Themselves?


Taking cues from the natural world, scientists at MIT have discovered a way to create solar cells that – like plants – can reliably draw on and convert sunlight into energy.  Part of the challenge has been to address the destructive nature of long-term exposure to UV rays.  But in order to work, solar panels [...]

Solar Panels to Be Installed on the White House (finally)


You might have heard it on the news this week.  President Obama has agreed that solar panels will be installed on the White House.  Both PV panels, to generate electricity, and solar thermal panels, to heat water without electricity will be placed on the roof of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Exactly where the panels will be [...]

Sharp Electronics Expands into the Solar Energy Business


For some time now, Sharp Electronics has been producing solar panels through its Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group division.  But now the corporation is looking to expand into the solar energy business too. Last week, Sharp put out a press release announcing the acquisition of California-based Recurrent Energy.  Recurrent has developed and marketed utility scale [...]

Solar Garden Lights for the Holidays


With fall slipping in through the back door, its time to get ready for the holidays.  Some of the people on our block are already putting up Halloween decorations, and there’s still a week of September left! As you consider the darker months ahead, you might want to think about solar garden lights for the [...]

Solar Rebates Offered by the City of Edmonton, Alberta


For residents of the City of Edmonton, the month of September is looking especially bright!  A new pilot project offered by the city in the Province of Alberta, Canada promises to reduce the cost of residential solar electrical systems. For a limited time, solar rebates offered by the City of Edmonton, Alberta will defray the [...]

Get a Charge Out of Portable Solar Power


Back to school shopping time!  One item that should be on the list for any student that is “plugged in” to their electronic devices is a portable solar power charger. Think about it – we spend a lot of time and energy recharging our cell phones, computers, mP3 players, GPS devices, etc.  But you can [...]

Cool Your Home and Outdoor Spaces with Awnings


When I was growing up, we had a very large backyard – it was probably bigger than the interior of our single-level 1950s era rambler.  Not only was there a lot of grass, but a very huge patio.  And then there was the large canvas awning.  At the time I cursed its existence because it [...]

Passive Solar to Stay Cool This Summer

Trees and shrubs provide shade to help keep your home cool

Its summer and its hot!  We all know that its important to stay cool when the mercury rises.  But if you don’t have the resources or space to install air conditioning, how can you keep the heat down? Passive solar could be the answer to your home cooling needs! There are some easy ways to [...]

SunRun Celebrates Energy Independence Day!


This is the first guest blog by Nami Sung, from SunRun home solar company. The fourth of July has come and gone but that doesn’t mean Independence Day is over!  Every day is Energy Independence Day for SunRun and its 5,000 solar homeowners.  We here at SunRun recently asked what energy independence and going solar [...]

Solar Plane in Flight!


We’ve enthusiastically shared the story about the experimental solar plane, the Solar Impulse, conceived by world-renowned balloonist Betrand Piccard.  Well, now we’re excited to tell you that the Solar Impulse took off hours ago from Geneva, Switzerland, on a 24-hour journey. If the flight is successful, the Solar Impulse team and its supporters believe that [...]

World Cup to Lead Us to Clean Energy?


For football fans (soccer here in the U.S.) worldwide, the World Cup 2010 has been thrilling to watch the past several weeks.  I’ll admit that at my home, when we haven’t been at Little League tournaments over the last month, we’ve been glued to the television, watching some exciting matches.  Maybe even playing our vuvezelas! [...]