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Green Schools Provide Better Learning Environment for Students

Charles Dickens Green School in Vancouver, Canada

Government can save money by building green schools and retrofitting existing ones to be more energy efficient, but did you know that green schools can provide a better learning environment for students? Improved health and productivity are additional benefits that can result from greener schools.  In fact, anecdotal evidence demonstrates that cleaner air, brighter, natural [...]

Letters to Lions: National Geographic Project for Kids


While researching some wildlife projects to do with my cub scout den here in Oregon, I came across a wonderful National Geographic project for kids.   “Letters to Lions” encourages children to write a letter explaining how important lions are, including some personal drawings of the magnificent cats.  Filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, Dereck and Beverly [...]

Shocker: “Toxic Waste” Candy Recalled


C’mon kids – want some Toxic Waste candy?  Yes, its true.  You can literally buy your children a “treat” called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge, packaged in bright yellow warning tape, with a picture of a cartoon mushroom cloud hanging over the box.  Or at least you used to be able to ingest the so-called Nuclear [...]

City Green Urban Park at the City Square Mall in Singapore


One of my favorite things to do as a mom is to teach my kids without them even realizing they’re getting a lesson. At the new green City Green Urban Park in Singapore, your children (and you) will enjoy fresh air, exercise, unique architecture, and endless, interactive green features. The City Green Urban Park, developed [...]

Magic Bean Wishes: Green Fun for Kids of All Ages


Looking for a unique classroom project, or fun party favor?  Magic Bean Wishes has created a product that will delight kids of all ages and help “grow” an appreciation for the environment. Choose from among several kits – Christmas beans, Fortune telling beans, Aquatic creatures, Zoo animals, Dinosaurs – even wedding or baby shower favors.  [...]

Its Not Mean to be Green: The Musical


Wondering how to teach your kids the importance of living green?  You could lecture them, read a book, or head to a musical! Its Not Mean to be Green, The Musical, is a children’s theater production that is currently touring throughout Northeastern states of the U.S.  Based on the book, “Its Not Mean to be [...]

Gift Wrap Alternatives


Yesterday, we posted about Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper – which is a smart investment during the holiday season.  Using 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper for gift wrap is the green way to go this holiday season. But what if you’re still concerned about the use of wrapping paper?  Can it truly be recycled again, even with [...]

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper


Its the shopping, wrapping, gift-giving frenzy time.  Did you know that “the volume of household waste in the United States generally increases 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day,” per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? You can chalk up a fair amount of that increased waste to gift wrap.  At least that’s the case [...]

Eco-Friendly Yarn for Your Holiday Knitting Projects


Looking for eco-friendly yarn for your holiday knitting projects?  There is a wide variety of environmentally sound “green” yarns from which to choose these days.  Organic textiles are booming as demand increases. Here’s a guide to 8 great quality eco-friendly yarns.  Why not create a cozy sweater for your boyfriend or crochet a cute baby [...]

Halloween Candy Calculator


Just how many calories and how much sugar and fat is in those “fun size” Halloween candies? Do you really want to know?  It might be the scariest information you get all day! A handy, interactive Halloween Candy Calculator from the USDA food pyramid website allows you to add up all those little bags of [...]

Creative Green Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just 20 days away, and that’s enough to give many parents a fright!  With 4 kids of my own, buying costumes each year can get expensive.  That’s why we love these creative green Halloween costumes.  They are easy on the wallet and you won’t have to worry about whether that polyester-based cape or [...]

International Walk to School Day


Pump up your bicycle tires and dust off those sneakers this weekend.  On Wednesday, October 6, its International Walk to School Day.  The annual event has been taking place each year in the fall in order to raise awareness of the need for walkable communities, promote clean air, and to encourage children to be more [...]

My Place: Planet Green Entertains Kids With Educational Videos


Kids love to watch cartoons.  So, what better way to teach children the benefits of living green than with entertaining, educational videos?  My Place is a series of short films produced by Planet Green that help illustrate why we should recycle, limit light pollution, commute on bicycles, and much more. Will your kids respond better [...]

Plan a Green Holiday Season


Yes, its only September, but I can tell you that before you know it, it will be time to think about the holidays, if you aren’t already doing so!  Personally, I was taken off-guard by the (seemingly) short summer and was surprised when it was time for back to school a few weeks ago. If [...]

8 Tips for an Enjoyable Family Hike


We live in amazing Oregon State – a land of forests, filled with natural beauty.  I encourage healthy activities for my kids, which often means hiking on the weekends.  Four children and two dogs can be a lot to manage, but we do…  I have plenty of photographs to showcase our fun! We’ve developed 8 [...]