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Upcycled Chic- Jewelry By Jacqueline Ter Kuile


Jacqueline ter Kuile has been making beautiful  hand-crafted jewelry for more than 30 years. Precious metals like silver and copper are her specialty.   She has an impressive resume and her work speaks for itself. A look at the photos below will give you an idea of why Jackie’s work is increasingly in demand. What [...]

English Cows, Methane, and Global Warming


if English farmers can lower their cows’ methane emissions by 40% simply by including linseed in their feed, this is the kind of simple, down to earth measure that it would make sense to employ all over the world. Since it seems that the linseed has some side effects like improved bovine health and increased milk supply , I’m hoping dairy farmers everywhere will soon be including linseed in their cattle feed.

Things Go Greener With A New Biodegradable Pepsi Bottle


Things may go better with Coke, but it seems they go greener with Pepsi.   Pepsico,the billion dollar international food and beverage corporation, announced last week that it has developed the world’s first totally plant based, petroleum- free, totally bio-degradable plastic bottle.  Petroleum free is a big deal given the amount of oil that goes [...]

Smart Phones? Meet the EN-V, One Smart Vehicle!

GM's concept vehicle: EN-V

Fresh back from the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this week in Detroit, Michigan, I can tell you that the hottest thing this year is electric cars.  Every manufacturer on the floor displayed a new EV or PEHV that is either available for sale now, or will be coming out soon. But one new [...]

New Ways to Recycle Old Newspapers


The photo on the left is of a model sampan made by an inmate in an Indonesian jail.  It is completely constructed from carefully rolled up pieces of newspaper.  While there may be less and less newsprint to recycle as the worlds of  journalism and literature go more and more electronic, paper still accounts for [...]

Bicycle Your Way to Good Health with the Carbon Comfort Saddle


Do your New Years Resolutions include adding more exercise, losing weight and even minimizing your carbon footprint?  One of the easiest ways you can do all three is to commute via bicycle. Riding a bike to and from work, school and even the grocery store can help you save gas and burn extra calories without [...]

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets Add Fun and Flavor to Homecooked Meals


If one of your New Years Resolutions is to cook more at home, then we have just the eco-friendly kitchen gadgets to help you stick to your goals.  “The Greens,” by Boston Warehouse, are a series of kitchen tools that are formulated from recycled plastic and wood into whimsical characters, all of which have a [...]

Gift Bags of Hope


In addition to publishing here at Peachy Green and my two related solar power blogs ( and, I write at HubPages, which is a hosted community writing site.  I read many wonderful articles (or “hubs” as they are called) and often comment or recommend them to my friends. Recently, one hub that really caught [...]

Out of the Landfill Into the Art World


Almost anything can become art and these days almost anything does–even old hubcaps. With the help of a number of professional artists and through the vision of one art gallery owner and framer from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, even old hubcaps are making it out of the landfill and into the art world.

Old Library Books Get New Life


I love books, especially old books.  Books have always been my dear friends and are tucked away in every nook and cranny of my house, so of course I was enthralled when I came across a library that is giving new life to some old books by repurposing them as furniture– in this case a [...]

New Sculpture from Used Plastic


Making art from used plastic is the ultimate in recycling, especially when the artist is as talented and creative as  Sayaka Kajita Ganz, a Japanese born sculptress who now lives and works in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Her breathtakinngly original animal sculptures are made entirely from discarded plastic utensils and household objects and they certainly breathe [...]

Organic, Local and Sustainable from Farm to Table in New Jersey


Local and sustainable are my watchwords all year long when it comes to the food I eat, but summertime is when I totally pig out on local, fresh-picked produce of all kinds.  Not for nothing is New Jersey, where I live, called the Garden State. My part of  Hunterdon County is full of wonderful little [...]

Adopt-A-Bot Is The World’s First Robot Orphanage


Yes, through Adopt-A-Bot you can give an adorable robot, fashioned from recycled elements a new home, thus enriching your environment and saving an amazing variety of  metal pieces from a future of meltdown or landfill. After a childhood of Lincoln logs and Lego, designer, Brian Marshall, began creating the cunning little creatures from metal parts [...]

Bye Bye Bees, Hello Famine


BP is dominating the environmental disaster news these days, but oil spills are not the only game in town when it comes to irreversible environmental problems. A recent survey done by the Apiary Inspectors of America shows that for the fourth year in a row, America’s honeybee population declined dramatically over the winter. Since half  [...]

Stay in a Treehouse for an Adventure Outing

Stay in a Treehouse for an Adventure Outing

I love the great outdoors!  Nature calls to me this time of year when I listen to the croaking frogs outside my window at night.  But what if you’re looking for an experience beyond mere camping?  Why not stay in a treehouse for an adventure outing! Here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, there [...]