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Eco-Friendly Luggage from Recycled Airline Seats and Fabrics

Love this eco-friendly luggage!

We were so excited to find eco-friendly luggage and other items, including business card holders, wallets and handbags made from recycled airline seats and fabrics. Tierra Ideas, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, creates the products below using leather aircraft seat covers, aircraft fabrics, aircraft curtains, tire inner tubes and more: BUSINESS CARD HOLDER /// Made [...]

Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans


If you are not aware of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans, you are not alone.  The program was established three years ago to allow financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs via long-term property tax assessments. With no money down, property owners can install solar panels, wind energy and more, paying off their [...]

Consider Electronic Recycling When Shopping for Holiday Gifts

Do you engage in e-waste recycling?

Its great to live in a world with all the conveniences offered by our electronic gadgets.  But with new models of cell phones, tablets, televisions and more coming out every 6-12 months, consumers are tempted to trash perfectly functional electronics in favor of the newest item. To minimize impact on the environment, consider electronic recycling [...]

Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

A green clean-up for your dog waste?

Dog owners – rejoice!  There is now a way for you to take your pet for a walk and still be eco-friendly.  We all know that cleaning up after your dog is the proper thing to do.  The problem is that most dog poop bags are made from plastic, which is not environmentally friendly. With [...]

New Programmable Thermostat for the iPhone Generation


You probably already know that one of the easiest ways to lower your energy costs and save money is to install and use a programmable thermostat. Yet, many homeowners have not made the switch, in part because of the hassle and… well… because they don’t want to learn how to use a new gadget that [...]

Top 10 Ways to Save Energy at Home


Looking to trim your utility bills?  Its easy with a few simple steps! Once you cut your energy and water consumption, your bills will be reduced.  Its a simple equation: save energy and save money. Here are the top 10 ways to save energy at home: 1.    Install a programmable thermostat.  Instead of trying to [...]

Setting a Green UP Example this Fall

Green kids all season long!

It’s no secret to parents that our children are watching our each and every move.  Tie that to the fact that their minds are running at a constant speed of 100 miles an hour, and more often or not (whether we like it or not), they’re going to ask us “why?”  “Why are you doing [...]

Green Your Office Routine

Green your office routine

At home, you may recycle your newspaper, cardboard and aluminum cans.  You can turn down your thermostat and take shorter showers.  But how can you green your office routine? For employees, it may be difficult to feel like an effective part of the solution to environmental waste in the workplace.  Yet, going green at work [...]

Smart Grid Improves Power in Rural Areas

The smart grid will improve electricity service to rural areas

The smart grid promises to help minimize blackouts/brownouts and better distribute electricity during peak demand hours.  While populations across the board will benefit from a modern power grid, perhaps one of the areas that will best capitalize on the technology are outlying, rural areas. For many rural areas in the United States, when the power [...]

Green Lunchboxes: Back to School and Year-Round Savings

Green lunchboxes reduce plastic baggie waste

Its back to school time!  Many parents are shelling out big bucks at the store to get their kids ready for the new year – buying pencils, papers and lunchboxes. If you are like me, you probably worry about the cost and environmental impact of multiple plastic sandwich baggies that usually get tossed after a [...]

Save Water and Save Money


Most utility bills are pretty consistent from month to month, but water charges can vary widely.  In these tough economic times, many people believe the same thing: Save water and save money – that is the key.  In other words, find ways to reduce overall water usage and you can see some serious savings from [...]

Donate Land: Protect Wildlife Habitat


Did you know that you can help donate land to protect wildlife habitat?  That’s right.  Instead of worrying about news reports that tell you that habitat is diminishing at a rate to threaten endangered species, why not look to what you can do? According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 85% of [...]

Green Tree Houses for Kids


Looking for a way to get the kids outside?  Green tree houses are the way to go! Not only is it fun to play outdoors, climb trees and breathe fresh air, but these eco-friendly structures we found at this website by Barbara Butler are simply amazing!  Green tree houses for kids can be custom-made.  There [...]

Most Americans Support Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards

Fuel Efficiency Standards Help Save Energy

Rising gas prices this spring have taken a toll on the potential economic recovery and have led to many families cutting back plans for road trips this summer.  So, its probably not surprising that most Americans support higher fuel efficiency standards. A majority of those polled this spring stated that they support an Obama Administration [...]

Sustainable Fabrics: How Green Are Your Clothes?

Green clothes start with sustainable fabrics

Do you wear green clothes?  Are they made out of eco-friendly textiles? You might have heard about sustainable fabrics, but just where do they come from?  What makes them “sustainable?” Generally speaking, there are two main categories of textiles: plant-based and synthetics.  Each individual type of fabric has pros and cons with respect to price, [...]